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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players received a thrilling surprise on Nov. 3: Update 2.0 was released two days early. When the news broke, eager fans jumped right in to experience the new content, including boat tours with Kapp’n, Brewster’s cafe, cooking, and much more. As players worked through everything the update had to offer, many discovered a few never-before-seen features. Nintendo gave an in-depth look at Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 in October, but it seems the company left quite a few details unannounced. Here are some things Nintendo didn’t tell you.

Farming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0
Farming in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ | Nintendo

The museum must have the art upgrade to receive Brewster

Animal Crossing fans had known for quite some time that Brewster, a cafe owner from previous games, would return. Nintendo teased The Roost cafe inside the museum back in September, and many fans thought Brewster would be the main subject of the Animal Crossing Direct in October. That was not the case at all.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 trailer, seen below, showed a player visiting Brewster at The Roost and having coffee with NPCs. However, the gaming giant didn’t mention that the cafe won’t open for just anyone. In order to receive The Roost, players must have the museum’s art upgrade — which newer players might not have yet. Additionally, the cafe upgrade calls for a 3-star island.

The missing information has left some fans confused, wondering why Brewster wasn’t mentioned on their islands. While Nintendo didn’t have to provide full details about the character’s return, the upgrade criteria would have been useful for some players who wanted to prepare ahead of time.

Moving villager houses has a lower cost

Moving villager houses and buildings used to come with a hefty price tag, but not anymore. Before the update, players had to shell out 50,000 bells to Tom Nook if they wanted to relocate any building on their islands. As one can imagine, those prices really added up, especially for players building neighborhoods and shopping centers.

Thankfully, Nintendo has quietly reduced moving costs to 10,000 bells — a much more reasonable price. Given Tom Nook’s greed, we can understand why the loanshark raccoon wouldn’t necessarily want that information going public.

You can find cooking recipes in Nook’s Cranny, message bottles, and villager houses

Nintendo revealed during the Direct that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would receive a cooking feature with Update 2.0. Players can now use new ingredients like tomatoes, carrots, and wheat, as well as fish and fruit, to build an extensive collection of cooking recipes. However, Nintendo never exactly made it clear where to find these recipes.

As it turns out, cooking recipes appear in the same locations as DIYs. Players who browse the cabinet at Nook’s Cranny will likely find a few recipes there, as well as inside message bottles on the beach. Every day, players can also visit their animal neighbors to find at least one villager whipping something up at home, just like DIYs.

DIY recipes can go in home storage


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Animal Crossing players never really had a good way to store DIY recipes. The only option was to sell them or throw away any duplicates, but some fans liked to hold on to them in case a fellow player needed one. This resulted in huge DIY recipe sections on islands or in homes, taking up space.

Update 2.0 brought an exciting secret feature: players can now store DIYs. Instead of sitting around on the floor, the recipes can be tucked safely away in home storage. The update may not have included too many quality-of-life upgrades, but this one was much-needed.

You can only take one Kapp’n boat tour and unlock one market shop per day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 comes with some limitations. Players might want to spend an entire day traveling to mystery islands with Kapp’n, but unfortunately, that’s not possible without some time travel. Kapp’n limits his boat tours to one per day, so players who don’t want to time travel will have to wait until the next day to explore another territory.

Likewise, the new shops at Harv’s Island cannot be unlocked in one sitting. Each plot of land costs 100,000 bells, but even if players donate in full, they can only donate to one shop per day. That means they’ll have to choose wisely when deciding which NPC to bring to Harv’s first.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch, as well as the Happy Home Paradise DLC.