Anna Duggar Might Be Getting Pressure From Both Sides of the Family to Leave Josh Duggar

Amy Duggar King isn’t mincing words. The rebellious Duggar cousin thinks it’s time for Anna Duggar to leave her troubled husband, Josh Duggar, to protect their seven children. The small business owner and mother of one even penned an open letter to Anna, offering her unwavering support if she opts to walk away from the troubled Duggar clan. Amy isn’t the only family member suggesting it’s time to go. At least one of Anna’s siblings would like to see her walk. 

Amy Duggar King posted an open letter imploring Anna Duggar to leave Josh Duggar 

Amy Duggar King is speaking openly about her famous family for the first time in more than a decade, and apparently, she has a lot to say. Most recently, she set her sights on Anna Duggar, who she has urged to leave Josh Duggar.

Amy Duggar King sits down with 'Today'
Amy Dugget King | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In a lengthy open letter posted to Instagram, Amy empathized with the mother of seven, claiming she understands how divorce seems like the worst possible option. She insisted that it was a necessity and that Anna needed to walk away from her troubled marriage. She even offered her support and the support of her husband, Dillon King, if she did opt to leave. 

Amy closed the letter by taking a swipe at her family. Speaking to Anna directly, Amy said, “The only people you would upset by leaving are the ones willing to sacrifice you and your children’s safety to protect Josh and his secrets.” Amy was referring to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh’s parents. The famed reality TV couple has been active supporters of Josh, despite his criminal behavior. Amy has also taken swipes at the IBLP, the ultra-conservative Christian ministry that the Duggars and Kellers belong to, in Twitter posts. 

Anna Duggar’s sister commented on Amy Duggar King’s post 

Amy has been incredibly outspoken about her feelings and thoughts in recent weeks. She isn’t the only one who thinks it is time for Anna to consider divorce. There might be pressure from her own family to leave, too. 

Pregnant Anna Duggar poses with Josh Duggar at CPAC conference in 2015
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Anna’s sister, Rebekah Hunt, not only liked Amy’s open letter to Anna, but she thanked Amy for penning the note in the comments section. Rebekah’s first marriage ended in divorce in 2015; she has since remarried. Her decision to publicly comment shocked Duggar family followers. Rebekah has been one of the most private Keller family members. 

In the past, other Keller family members have offered Anna their support, although the offers went unused. Following Josh Duggar’s 2015 scandal, Anna’s brother, Daniel Keller, offered to help Anna and her children. She opted not to leave Josh. 

Josh Duggar will be sentenced on two child pornography charges on May 25 

Anna Duggar will likely have some serious decisions to make in the coming weeks. Right now, Josh Duggar is being held at a local detention center. That will all change on May 25. Once Judge Timothy L. Brooks hands down a sentence, Josh will be transferred to a federal prison to serve out his sentence. While it is unknown where he’ll do his time, he won’t be close to the family’s Springdale, Arkansas home. The nearest federal facility is more than four hours from the family’s compound. 

Josh Duggar booking photo from April 2021 arrest
Josh Duggar | Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

The defense has requested a lenient sentence of just 60 months behind bars. The prosecution has asked Judge Brooks to sentence Josh Duggar to 20 years behind bars. Twenty years is the maximum sentence for his crimes.