Anna Duggar Just Hinted That She and Josh Duggar Are Having More Kids

Josh Duggar, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s oldest son, married his wife, Anna, back in 2008. Since the couple’s wedding, they have gone through some major trials and tribulations, but they’ve come out the other side happier than ever. Now, Anna has just hinted that she and Josh could be having more kids.

Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh and Anna Duggar surprised fans with their fifth pregnancy

Back in 2015, Josh and Anna went through some major hardships in their marriage. Josh’s sexual abuse allegations from the early 2000s had resurfaced, and though Anna had supposedly been informed about them, some suspect the incident was downplayed and that she was led to believe it wasn’t quite what it actually was.

Beyond that, Josh had allegedly opened multiple Ashley Madison accounts, which is a website for married people looking to have affairs. One woman also alleged that she and Josh had had an affair. Josh admitted to a pornography addiction, too, all of which was hard for Anna to handle. The two went through two years of therapy before announcing they were pregnant with their fifth child.

Some were shocked that Josh and Anna were having more kids, but Anna assured fans that she and Josh were in a good place. They have since welcomed their sixth child.

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Anna just hinted that she and Josh could be ready for baby no. 7

Those who thought Anna and Josh would stop at six kids might have been mistaken. Anna just hinted in her recent photo that she and Josh might be ready to have another baby. Anna posted a photo of her family to Instagram, and one fan commented that “6 is enough.” Anna clapped back at the fan and, in the process, might have hinted that she and Josh could be having more kids.

“Well, we will have to wait and see,” Anna said. “Right now we are enjoying our 6 littles! As the 5th child in my family, I’m so glad my parents didn’t stop at 4.” The comment hinted that Anna and Josh might go for baby no. 7, who could someday be thankful that they didn’t stop at six. Other fans loved the photo, with only a few commenting on how many kids the two have. Some were happy to see Josh and Anna’s family looking so joyful.

Some question whether Anna is truly happy in her marriage  

Anna and Josh have been through a lot since 2015, and some can’t help but wonder if Anna is truly happy in her relationship. She continues to express love and gratitude for her husband, though there were rumors that she considered divorcing Josh upon learning of his infidelity.

Still, many people have backed Anna on her decision to remain married. Some consider her an inspiration for not giving up on her marriage during the darkest of times. Though it’s impossible to tell how Anna truly feels about her relationship with Josh, she has made it clear on social media that the two are happy.