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As many know, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris enjoyed a long marriage before their divorce in 2018. During their years together, although they were both actors, they rarely starred together in movies. This was because when they did, Faris found it to be a scary experience.

Anna Faris admitted that she and Chris Pratt were competitive with each other

Anna Faris posing while wearing a black dress.
Anna Faris | Carlos Tischler/Getty Images

Faris once opened up about what it was like being married to another actor. According to Esquire, she and Pratt met in 2007 on the set of Take Me Home Tonight. Before Pratt, she was married to actor Ben Indra. Faris and Indra would divorce in 2008. When Faris informed Pratt of the news, that was when the Guardians of the Galaxy star vowed to marry her. He kept his word and wedded Faris in 2009.

Although two different relationships with two different people, Faris once shared that both her marriages had one challenge in common.

“My two other marriages were with actors and I don’t think we did a great job of eliminating competitiveness. Or at least I didn’t, being a proud person, and not wanting to reveal vulnerability,” Faris once said on her Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast.

Faris went on to admit she might not have handled competition well in either of her marriages. But the actor hoped she’d grown out of that mindset.

Anna Faris found working with Chris Pratt scary

Faris and Pratt had only worked together on two films. The first was Take Me Home Tonight, which was where they originally met. But the second and only project they collaborated on as a couple was What’s Your Number? Faris co-starred alongside Chris Evans for the 2011 romcom where she played a single but hopeless romantic down on her luck.

Pratt played one of Faris’ past boyfriends in the film. And although the Mom star enjoyed working alongside her husband at the time, she also found it a bit intimidating.

“It was a blast working with him. He makes me laugh all the time. But it’s also scary. I felt a little more vulnerable doing our scenes together because I’m always concerned about what he thinks. When it’s somebody who’s really close to you, you care about their opinion a little bit more,” she said in an interview with Reuters.

The movie also had Faris engaged in intimate moments involving multiple men. Because of this, Faris shared that her ex-husband wouldn’t be on set during those scenes.

“He’s really supportive and so proud. As actors, we don’t show up on the days when the other is supposed to be intimate with another person. I wouldn’t want my husband sitting behind the cameras while I’m in bed with Zach Quinto or Joel McHale. Chris is so great about that,” she said.

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Pratt also confirmed that it was occasionally difficult to watch his then-wife’s intimate scenes in What’s Your Number with Evans. But the Captain America actor realized how uncomfortable it could be to watch Faris making love to him, and proceeded to console Pratt.

“Chris [Evans] did something, he gave me such a major gift in that moment where he just like embraced me and was like, ‘Hey man, this is weird.’ We hung out, we got together, we became friends. And immediately, any weirdness [that] was there disappeared,” he once said to Sway in the Morning.