Anne Hathaway’s Unscripted ‘Princess Diaries’ Fall Illicited a Genuine Reaction From Her Co-Stars

The Princess Diaries was absolutely iconic. Anne Hathaway won the hearts of her audience as the awkward Mia Thermopolis. In between uncomfortable social interactions, Mia finds herself thrown into the world of Genovian royalty. Genovia, a fictional European country with a thriving monarchy, is where Mia’s father is from. Apparently, he was the prince. That makes Mia the princess. 

Although Hathaway seems the furthest thing from awkward now and she played the part of the clumsy teen perfectly. Not all of it was acting. According to Ms Mojo, Hathaway really was a little clumsy on the set of The Princess Diaries. They even kept footage of Hathaway tripping for real in the movie. 

Anne Hathaway smiling
Anne Hathaway | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway’s slip in ‘The Princess Diaries’ was real 

Mia was notoriously clumsy, and some of that may have rubbed off on Hathaway. The actor really slipped while filming one of her scenes, and the filmmakers kept it in. 

After Mia gets her makeover from her grandmother, the queen of Genovia, she and her friend Lilly discuss the implications of Mia taking her rightful place as a princess. They are on the school’s basketball court and bleachers. While Mia’s new guard plays basketball, Mia and Lilly walk up and down the bleachers, talking about what Mia will be giving up if she becomes a princess. 

As they walk, Mia slips, clattering down the bleachers. The guard drops his ball and begins to walk over. Lilly looks shocked. That’s because the slip was real. Hathaway fell on the wet bleachers, and it was so Mia Thermopolis that the film’s creators decided to leave it in, as well as the genuine reactions from her costars. 

‘The Princess Diaries’ influenced Anne Hathaway’s career 

Hathaway’s perfect performance as Mia Thermopolis definitely gave her notoriety, but maybe not the kind she wanted. According to Hathaway, her role as Mia ended up pigeonholing her and hurting her career. Hathaway said that the role gave her a “good girl” reputation, and she had to do her best to shake it for more than a decade. 

Fighting for serious roles doesn’t bother Hathaway, however. She likes the fight, and she’s not sorry she did The Princess Diaries. In a lot of ways, it was a perfect first role. Even though it gave her a reputation that would later clash with her career goals, the movie gave her a name. It was a huge hit, and she shone in it. Without The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway might not have been in the position to fight for any roles at all. 

While it may have held her back for a period of time, The Princess Diaries and the good-girl image it came with didn’t stop Anne Hathaway from going on to iconic roles like her Oscar-winning performance in Les Misérables.

Anne Hathaway would do another ‘Princess Diaries’ movie

There have been whispers about Princess Diaries spinoff for years. It would be the perfect candidate for a streaming service, either as a series or feature-length movie. Some rumors have said Disney+ is working on the project, and that the new plot will give Mia Thermopolis a half-sister, meaning another Genovian princess. 

Hathaway has said firmly that there is a script for another Princess Diaries project. She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she’d jump in on the new project in a heartbeat if it were perfect. She doesn’t want to ruin a great thing by making a sub-par Princess Diaries movie. But if there is a good script out there, Hathaway will definitely be back as Mia Thermopolis. 

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