‘Anne with an E’ Fans Did This One Surprising Thing To Try For Season 4

Anne with an E is Netflix and CBC’s adaptation of the beloved book series Anne of Green Gables. The show was canceled after three seasons, and therefore will not be returning for season 4. However, many fans don’t want this to be the end of the story. Look inside the fans’ efforts to save the show, including one surprising move they made.

Find out why fans want to save Anne with an E so badly, ahead.

What are fans doing to save ‘Anne with an E’?

Moira Walley-Beckett, Amybeth McNulty, and Miranda de Pencier win an award for Anne with an E: fans want season 4
Moira Walley-Beckett, Amybeth McNulty and Miranda de Pencier winning an award for Anne with an E | GP Images/Getty Images

When news of the show’s cancellation reached fans on November 24, 2019, many of them immediately sprung into action. Fans created hashtags on Twitter such as #RenewAnnewithanE and #SaveAnnewithanE. There is also a petition on Change.org, hoping to catch Netflix and CBC’s attention.

All of this is fairly common, especially recently, for fans of canceled shows to do. Social media and the Internet in general are places where many fans can have their voices heard. However, Anne with an E fans went one step further to try to get season 4.

What surprising thing did ‘Anne with an E’ fans do to try to get season 4?

Anne with an E fans certainly show a similar spirit to their heroine, when trying to get a season 4 of the show. Not only did they Tweet and start petitions, but they got a billboard in Times Square in New York City. Now, said billboard, according to local news 1010 Wins was only up for a short time, yet fans are probably hoping it made a huge impact.

According to an interview with 1010 Wins, a fan named Sarah Sadler explains the fans’ passion like this: “Anne with an E was definitely a show that attracts passionate people. I think because the protagonist is so interesting and passionate.” Anne Shirley-Cuthbert is certainly an interesting character, and a very passionate person. Perhaps that is where fans get such intense passion from.

The Times Square billboard is not the only one of its kind, either. Anne with an E fans hoping for a season 4 of the show also put up a billboard in Toronto, according to 1010 Wins.

Why are fans so desperate to save ‘Anne with an E’?

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Let’s allow the fans to tell you in their own words. One fan on Twitter is “rewatching [Anne with an E season 3] for like the 6th time.” This fan is “not ready for it to end all over again.” Another fan explains why the show is so important to them.

According to this fan, “it’s a…story that sheds light upon real societal issues, that promotes acceptance, that tells of the importance of Indigenous history and so much more!” While another fan describes Anne with an E as “a show that doesn’t whitewash and sugarcoat history.” This fan also remarks on the show’s “LGBTQ+ characters” and “strong female lead.” It is, according to this fan, “a show that’s watched all over the world… [and] appeals to all generations.”

It seems that some Anne with an E fans appreciate the way the show deals with “real societal issues.” These fans want a season 4 not only to see their favorite characters again but to “[promote] acceptance” of all people. The show also apparently has a wide audience, not just appealing to younger people but “to all generations.”