‘Anne with an E’ Star Dalila Bela Was Surprised By The Cancellation Too

Anne with an E fans were heartbroken when news broke that the show had been canceled. Fans, of course, didn’t want to lose their beloved show, which is based on the classic book series Anne of Green Gables. According to a recent interview with Dalila Bela, she was just as surprised that the show ended as the fans were.

Fans think ‘there’s still so much to do’ with the story

Moira Walley-Beckett, Amybeth McNulty, and Miranda de Pencier win an award for Anne with an E: show was canceled after 3 seasons
Moira Walley-Beckett, Amybeth McNulty and Miranda de Pencier winning an award for Anne with an E | GP Images/Getty Images

As is mentioned above, fans were surprised to see Anne with an E canceled. One fan on Twitter says they “did not expect Anne with an E to be canceled, like not even a little bit.” This fan was “so shocked” at the news that the show was ending. Another fan posts a gif of, funnily enough, Dalila Bela as Diana and says “me, shocked (and still mad) after Netflix and CBC canceled Anne with an E.”

Someone else says they “at first…thought it was a joke” that the show was canceled. This fan doesn’t “understand it” and believes “the series deserved…much more attention.” Another fan says “this is literally just the beginning” of the story and “there’s still so much to do.” A Twitter user “really [hopes] it’s saved.”

This fan believes it’s the “best series [they’ve] watched for ages” and is “shocked they canceled a winner.” Of course, fans are never going to want to let a good show go, yet it seems that this cancellation took many people by surprise.

Dalila Bela doesn’t get ‘Anne with an E’ being canceled either

In an interview with MEA Worldwide, Bela discusses the show’s cancellation. While filming was going on, Bela says, she wasn’t aware of any talk about the show being canceled. She doesn’t “know much about why it was canceled.”

As for how she feels about the cancellation, she mentions that she spent four years on the show and that it’s “bittersweet” for it to end. On one hand, it’s probably hard to move on from something that is so much a part of your life. On the other hand, Bela is “excited for the new prospects on the horizon.” Still, she describes how she, like many fans, was “shocked when the news was released.”

She also says that the fan response to the show’s cancellation “is incredibly sweet.” When asked if the show might be saved, she says “who knows? Life is full of surprises.” It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a passionate fan base had saved a show.

Bela’s thoughts for Diana’s character arc if ‘Anne with an E’ season 4 happened

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Kindred spirits, always

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If the show did get saved, what would the plot be? Well, Bela has some ideas about her character Diana. In her interview with MEA Worldwide, she reviews where things left off at the end of season 3 with Mr. and Mrs. Barry “choosing to support Diana in her path for higher education.” She would want Diana to continue down that path and perhaps even “finding someone who accepts her for who she is and pushes her to grow and become more of the woman that she sees herself as.”

Fans would most likely love to see Diana “being herself more” and growing up. This storyline would also involve Diana “going against what is expected of her.” It would mean tapping into Diana’s “kind of rebellious” side, according to Bela. Unfortunately, fans will probably not get to see another season of Anne with an E, since it was canceled. 

Though “who knows? Life is full of surprises,” as Bela says.