‘Annette’: Adam Driver Teamed up With Mark Hamill to Find a Missing Dog While Filming the Leos Carax Movie

Adam Driver stars in the new Leos Carax-directed movie Annette. While on the set of the rock musical, Carax’s dog went missing. As a big canine lover, Driver stepped up to help when the dog went missing in Belgium. Find out how Driver helped find Carax’s dog with some help from his Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill.

Adam Driver, Leos Carax, and Marion Cotillard pose during a photocall for the film "Annette" at the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival
Adam Driver, Leos Carax, and Marion Cotillard | Valery HACHE / AFP via Getty Images

Adam Driver hates Halloween, but loves his Pitbull-Rottweiler mix

Driver and his wife, Joanne Tucker, are the owners of a Pitbull-Rottweiler mix named Moose. Tucker got Driver the dog for his birthday. “I hate Halloween — my birthday is in November, but my wife [and I] skipped out of town when all these trick or treaters [came],” he told W Magazine while promoting Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Driver recalls being on a tangent that year. “F—— Halloween!” Driver said. “What a ridiculous holiday. This is b——-. If I had a dog, I could play with my dog on Halloween and not have to see kids all the time.” 

That year, Driver and Tucker took a trip to the pound in Long Island, which had a “motley crew of people” working. Ironically, the couple went looking for a different dog. When the pound people made it seem like the dog Driver wanted was a lot of work, he looked into the puppies instead. That’s when he found Moose.

“I look at my dog — this sounds so absurd — but it’s not — I don’t know if I can love anything more,” he told the outlet. “Like, I have a kid, maybe — and be like — but the dog!”

Why is Adam Driver’s dog named Moose?

As for Driver’s dog’s name, he claims the pit mix looks like a moose. “He’s very big; he’s about 70 pounds,” Driver adds in the interview with W Magazine. 

‘Annette’ director Leos Carax lost his dog in Belgium

While filming the musical Annette, Leos Carax’s 9-year-old dog Javelot went missing. Being the dog lover that he is, Driver filmed a video asking his fans for help finding the family pet.  

According to Driver’s plea, the dog has been in Carax’s family for three generations. While filming a scene, the dog got scared and ran off into the park in which Driver stands in the video. 

“If anyone has seen him, please give us a call,” Driver says in the post. “He’s very much a member of the family to the crew. We will put you in the movie; we’ll give you chocolate; we’ll christen your child – we will do anything as a way of saying thank you.”

Mark Hamill aids in finding Leos Carax’s dog 

Since Driver is extremely private and not on social media, he asked his Star Wars co-star Hamill to spread the word. Thanks to Driver’s video and Hamill’s social influence, Javelot was found. According to IndieWire, the dog was located shortly after the video started circulating. 

How to watch Adam Driver in ‘Annette’

Driver’s fans can see him sing in the musical Annette starting Friday Aug. 20, 2021 on Amazon Prime. The film debuted at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

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It tells the story of a stand-up comedian (Driver), his opera singer wife (Marion Cotillard), and how their lives change when they have their first child. Simon Helberg and Devyn McDowell also star.