Ant Anstead Claims He ‘Privately’ Wrote a Letter to Christina Hall Before Custody Battle

Ant Anstead revealed that he attempted to communicate with Christina Hall before the former couple battled in court over custody and the “exploitation” of their son. Here’s what the Wheeler Dealers star said to a fan about the months-long legal drama with his HGTV star ex-wife.

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead, who battled over legal custody of the son, smile and pose together at an event.
Christina Hall and Ant Anstead | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Ant Anstead was criticized by fans for sharing photos of his son after accusing Christina Hall of ‘exploiting’ the toddler

On Oct. 13, Ant Anstead shared an Instagram post containing several pictures of his son, Hudson. Anstead had been fighting his ex-wife, HGTV star Christina Hall, for custody of the three-year-old for several months.

“Covid lockdown was hard on everyone. Finally the world is getting back to normal… which means… my parents made it to America!” Anstead captioned the family photos. “Thats basically code for Nanna & Gramps spoiling Hudzo, tons of mum’s home cooking and my laundry gets done for me.” 

He added, “It also means Sunsets and evening walks for dinner. Table for five x.”

During their custody battle, one of Anstead and Hall’s most significant disagreements was over whether or not Hudson should appear in paid ads on social media. Many fans criticized the English TV presenter for sharing photos of the child after accusing his ex of exploiting the toddler.

Ant Anstead said he wrote a private letter to Christina Hall before filing for emergency custody of their son

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead fans were quick to comment on the Wheeler Dealers star’s photos of his son.

“How come you can post pics of Hudson but Christina can’t? That doesn’t seem fair,” one fan wrote. “If it’s exploitative for one of you to put him on here, isn’t it exploitative of both of you? Food for thought.”

Anstead wrote back, “She can post as many organic pictures as she wants to. Please do your research on the facts and come back fully informed. X.” The fan then replied, “It’s a sad day that any of this stuff is out there in the public but that’s the world in which we live. I wish all of you well and I’m sorry for each of you that this is how it’s gone.”

Anstead responded, “I wrote PRIVATELY to Christina on April 21 asking her to stop exploiting him for money and using him on reality TV. that letter is in my filing a week later. That was 25 weeks ago!! She had TWENTY FIVE weeks to agree….. and finally she did. Bottom line Hudzo is now protected. And I would do it again x.”

In other replies to fan comments, Anstead wrote, “Hudson will see a father protecting him when he had no voice, his childhood is not for sale x.”

The English TV presenter accused his reality star ex-wife of endangering their child

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead married in December 2018 and divorced in June 2021. They have been fighting over their son Hudson since April, when Anstead filed for emergency custody.

He accused his famous ex-wife of endangering Hudson and putting him at medical risk. His request was denied after the HGTV star filed documents disproving Anstead’s claims, and the former couple was ordered to attend mediation.

In September, the Wheeler Dealers star filed a supplemental declaration accusing Hall of exploiting their son. Days later, the Christina on the Coast star shared an Instagram post announcing she would no longer show Hudson on her social media or reality shows.