Ant Anstead Likes Fan Comment Calling Christina Hall a ‘Narcissist’ and Accusing Her of ‘Gaslighting’

Ant Anstead recently liked a fan comment calling his ex-wife Christina Hall a “narcissist” and accusing the HGTV star of “gaslighting.” Here’s what we know about Hall and Anstead’s custody battle and what the English TV presenter’s fan said. 

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead, who are in a custody battle over their son.
Christina Hall and Ant Anstead | JB Lacroix/GC Images

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead have been in a custody battle for months

Former couple Christina Hall and Ant Anstead have been fighting over custody of their three-year-old son Hudson for months. In April, the Wheeler Dealers star filed for emergency custody, claiming his ex-wife endangered their toddler and put him at medical risk. He cited incidents like Hall returning Hudson to him with the coronavirus (COVID-19) or a severe sunburn.

On Sept. 26, Anstead filed a supplemental declaration accusing his ex-wife of exploiting their son. The Christina on the Coast star seemingly responded on Oct. 2 by sharing an Instagram post saying she wouldn’t film Hudson for her social media or reality TV shows anymore.

“I am mentally exhausted over the recent false accusations against me,” Hall captioned an unsmiling selfie. “Hudson’s father has made attempts to turn my family, friends and fans against me through manipulation tactics and false information. This has had great impact on me and my household. Because of this, I have made the decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram, my tv shows or any social platforms until he is old enough to make this decision for himself.”

Ant Anstead liked a fan comment on Instagram calling Christina Hall a ‘narcissist’

Fans are taking sides in Ant Anstead and Christina Hall’s custody battle. Some left comments on Anstead’s Sept. 29 Instagram post, even though the post has nothing to do with his son or the custody case. 

One comment that has garnered over 200 likes reads, “Doesn’t make sense. You can post but she can’t?”

Another fan responded by writing, “He never asked her stop [sic] posting Hudson on IG. Her post today is so misleading and manipulative. He only asked she stop using Hudson in paid commercials in her IG stories and for Hudson to not be on her reality show ….. both reasonable requests for a 3 year old.”

Another fan replied, “What she did is called gaslighting. I totally agree with you.. The real narcissist is….”

Anstead seemingly endorsed the fan comment accusing his ex-wife of “gaslighting” and calling her a narcissist by responding to it with three clapping hands emojis and an “x,” his signature sign-off.


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The HGTV star recently shared a fan post about ‘post-separation abuse’

Christina Hall announced she wouldn’t show her and Ant Anstead’s son on social media anymore, but the HGTV star also made it clear she’s not happy about the arrangement. 

On Oct. 3, the day after she said she would no longer film Hudson, Hall shared a fan post slamming Anstead and accusing him of “post-separation abuse.” The fan posted an Instagram Story (which automatically disappears after 24 hours) with a screenshot of a headline about the custody battle.

The fan wrote a lengthy message over the screenshot that concluded, “Moms that endure Post-Separation Abuse are not simply free to enter into ‘agreements’ with their ex-husbands/abusers and I wish the press would point this out. @christinahall and #AntAnstead are not equals in this. He is continuously weaponizing the Courts to punish her for existing outside of him, and for being brave enough to leave him.”

Hall reposted the fan’s message to her Instagram Stories without additional comments.