Ant Anstead Responds to Fan Calling Him ‘Petty’ Over Christina Hall Legal Drama

Ant Anstead has been in a custody battle with his ex-wife Christina Hall for months. The English TV presenter recently defended himself from a fan calling him “petty” over the legal drama with the HGTV star. Here’s what Anstead told the fan about his custody case and parenting.

Ant Anstead and Christina Hall, who have divided fans over their custody battle, smile and pose together at an event.
Ant Anstead and Christina Hall | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Ant Anstead shared new Instagram photos of his son after custody battle with Christina Hall

On Nov. 9, Ant Anstead shared an Instagram post showing three photos and a video of his son, Hudson. The footage showed the three-year-old playing with a large teddy bear and a cardboard box, which he and Anstead transformed into a kid-sized blue car using tape and markers.

“What started as a precious game with a simple cardboard box, became us making a race car for Teddy, that soon became a race car for Hudzo,” Anstead captioned the images, adding three crying laughing emojis. “Two boxes, blue masking tape, pen and scissors……Hudzo is a CAR GUY.”

The Wheeler Dealers host recently ended his legal battle with Hudson’s mother, HGTV star Christina Hall. Anstead accused Hall of exploiting their child on social media and her reality shows, among other accusations. In October, Hall shared an Instagram post announcing she would no longer show Hudson on her Instagram or shows. Anstead has continued to post unsponsored photos and videos of the toddler. 

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead fans have paid close attention to the former couple’s months-long legal battle over their son. Many expressed their opinions about the English TV presenter sharing photos of his child after slamming his ex-wife for exploitation. 

One fan wrote in the comments section of Anstead’s Instagram post that they didn’t see the problem with sponsored ads featuring Hudson. “If I could put my kids in a commercial with me and make money then great. Sign me up!” the fan wrote. “More income benefits the family as a whole. Seems a little petty on Dad’s part hence the questions.”

Anstead posted a lengthy response to the fan comment. “If that’s your choice for your child, in your circumstances… I obviously extend you the courtesy and respect your choice.”

The Wheeler Dealers star explained that he “put both [his] older kids through expensive private school,” and Hudson is now also in a private school. While he does not expect them to pay their way, he allows his two older children, Amelie and Archie, to work as “a valuable lesson for them to arrive at as they mature.”

He concluded, “I believe the role of a parent is to provide a platform for which they can be successful, and in my opinion that does not mean sending a child to work to earn for themselves as toddlers. You may (as you say) choose that for your kids, and that’s your parenting choice. I hope you have the courtesy to respect mine x.”


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The English TV presenter also defended himself against accusations of hypocrisy

Fans in the Instagram comments fought over whether Ant Anstead’s unsponsored photos of Hudson are any less exploitative than Christina Hall’s paid ads.

“I don’t understand how a father sharing the love for his child with the world is exploitation,” one fan wrote. “When people post pictures of their own kids/family is that considered exploitation of your own? #nothypocrite?”

Anstead defended himself against accusations of hypocrisy by responding, “It’s not. In fact, its simple as it’s what social media was created for. Sharing with a community who choose to follow (or not) x.”