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Christina Haack spent Mother’s Day weekend in the hospital with her 6-year-old son, Brayden El Moussa, while her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, was hanging out with celebrities in Miami. Anstead recently accused Haack of endangering their 2-year-old son Hudson and claimed she put the toddler at medical risk. Here’s what happened and how Anstead and Haack spent the holiday weekend. 

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead smile and pose together at an event.
Christina Haack and Ant Anstead | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Christina Haack Slams Ant Anstead’s ‘False Allegations’ Regarding Their Son’s Custody Arrangement

Christina Haack spent Mother’s Day in the hospital with her 6-year-old son Brayden

On May 8, Christina Haack revealed via Instagram that her oldest son, 6-year-old Brayden El Moussa, had to get emergency surgery over Mother’s Day weekend.

“Scary 12 hours for us parents + step parents. After being admitted to the ER, Brayden had to have an emergency appendectomy as well as removal of Meckel’s diverticulum early this morning,” Haack captioned a photo of her son in a hospital bed.

“Nothing like seeing your child in excruciating pain 😣..luckily the surgery went well and he is recovering and in good spirits.”

The Flip or Flop star concluded her post by writing, “Blessed to have 3 healthy + happy kids, caring family and friends and a husband who stands by my side. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. 🤍”

Ant Anstead spent Mother’s Day weekend in Miami with celebrities

While Christina Haack shared the news of her son’s emergency surgery, her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, had a very different experience over Mother’s Day weekend. 

In his May 8 Instagram post, Anstead revealed that he spent the holiday weekend in Miami with celebrities. 

“What an EPIC weekend at the Miami @f1 spent with some awesome folks and thank you @williamsracing,” the English TV presenter captions a series of photos, showing himself hanging out with stars like actor James Marsden and musician JC Chasez

“I love LOVE how much America has started to embrace F1!!,” Anstead wrote. “Till the next time……. X.”

Ant Anstead recently slammed Christina Haack for putting their son at medical risk

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead’s Mother’s Day Instagram posts are interesting, considering that the English TV presenter recently accused Haack of endangering their 2-year-old son, Hudson.

On Apr. 28, TMZ reported that Anstead filed for full custody of Hudson, slamming his ex’s parenting in court documents. He said that the Flip or Flop star created an unsafe environment for the toddler and put him at medical risk. One example Anstead cited in his emergency order for full custody was an instance when Haack returned Hudson to him with a severe sunburn. 

Anstead’s emergency order for full custody was denied, and a hearing will take place on June 28. Both parents will have the opportunity to defend whether or not their current shared custody agreement should change. 

Meanwhile, Haack’s first ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa praised her on Instagram for how she handled their son Brayden’s medical emergency. 

El Moussa said his ex made “the right call” about their son’s healthcare. “He was extremely sick last night so Christina took him to the emergency room,” he wrote. “It turns out it was the right call because he had to have his appendix removed and also we found out he has something rare called Meckel’s diverticulum. Both issues were surgically removed and he’s recovering overnight with his mom.”

El Moussa added that the entire family, including his ex-wife, got through the “very scary day” together. “Very scary day, but we all banned [sic] together as a family to get through it.”