People’s Sexiest Man Alive Is ‘Ant-Man’ Star Paul Rudd, and His Wife Is ‘Stupefied’

While most comic book movie fans have kept their eye on Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, another superhero snuck into the news. Ant-Man star Paul Rudd became 2021’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive. While he took it with all the grace and humor he usually carries, his wife, Julie Yaeger, was “stupefied” at the announcement.

Paul Rudd attends "The Shrink Next Door" New York Premiere
Paul Rudd | Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

‘Ant-Man’ star Paul Rudd could hardly believe he was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Rudd did not expect to receive the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive. He figured that people would react with shock to the news.

“There are so many people that should get this before me,” he told People.

When the Ant-Man actor heard the news, he admitted he did not think of himself that way.

“When I think about myself, I think of myself as a husband and a father, like I’m that,” he said. “I just hang out with my family when I’m not working. That’s what I kind of like the most.”

Rudd’s wife, Julie Yaeger, was the only person he told ahead of time.

Paul Rudd’s wife, Julie Yaeger, was ‘stupefied’ when she heard the news

Rudd said his wife became stunned when he told her that People named him 2021’s Sexiest Man Alive.

“She was stupefied,” Rudd said. “But you know she was very sweet about it. After some giggling and shock, she said, ‘Oh, they got it right.’ And that was very sweet. She was probably not telling the truth, but what’s she going to say?”

While his wife at least tried to be sweet about it, he admitted he expected “so much grief” from his friends.

“I mean, I’m going to lean into it hard. I’m going to own this,” Rudd said. “I’m not going to try to be like, ‘Oh, I’m so modest.’ I’m getting business cards made. But all of my friends will destroy me, and I expect them to. And that’s why they’re my friends.”

To go with his new title, Rudd jokingly mentioned that he wanted a new set of friends, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Michael B. Jordan.

Paul Rudd wants to have a ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ dinner with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Michael B. Jordan

From the way Rudd talked about People’s Sexiest Man Alive title, you would think it was some kind of elite inner circle.

“I’m hoping now that I’ll finally be invited to some of those sexy dinners with Clooney and Pitt and B. Jordan,” he said.

All three actors the Ant-Man star named previously won the Sexiest Man Alive title. Clooney won in 2006, while Pitt earned the title even earlier in 1995. Jordan served as Rudd’s predecessor, 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive.


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Rudd continued the bit, about how the title will change his life.

“I figure I’ll be on a lot more yachts. I’m excited to expand my yachting life,” Rudd said. “And I’ll probably try to get better at brooding in really soft light. I like to ponder. I think this is going to help me become more inward and mysterious. And I’m looking forward to that.”

Rudd will reprise his role as Scott Lang in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on July 28, 2023.