Anthony Mackie Admits He’s Had a Really Hard Time Maintaining His Captain America Physique During the Pandemic — ‘I’m Starting to Look Like Fat Thor’

Anthony Mackie has been a popular figure in the media ever since Marvel began airing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in late March. At the conclusion of its first season, the show revealed that he would be replacing Chris Evans and taking over the mantle as Captain America. 

Even though Mackie was able to leave his home in the midst of the pandemic to film The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he’s been required to shelter in place just like everyone else. 

Unfortunately, his time at home hasn’t been the most beneficial for his fitness, as he’s been away from the gym and indulging in some of his favorite foods. 

Anthony Mackie has had a hard time staying fit during the pandemic 

Anthony Mackie attends the European premiere of 'Captain America: Civil War' at Vue Westfield
Anthony Mackie attends the European premiere of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ at Vue Westfield | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

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Mackie talked about the challenges of living in lockdown during a recent interview with Trevor Noah

“That’s the hard part,” Mackie said. “During quarantine, I learned a lot about myself and a lot about my family and our relationship and the importance of having those people near and dear to your heart.”

Mackie noted that even though he’s enjoyed the time he’s been given to fish and hang out in solitude, it hasn’t been the most helpful for maintaining his superhero physique. 

“But I’ll tell you what, man, being able to go fishing and social-distance and fried fish on your porch every day is a problem,” Mackie admitted. “That is a Fat Mack problem, dawg. I was—I mean midway quarantine, I was like, ‘Yo, I’m starting to look like fat Thor. I gotta figure this out.” [laughs] That was my only downfall.” 

He doesn’t wear fake muscles under his Captain America costume

In a separate interview with Stephen Colbert, Mackie claimed that he’s never worn any fake muscles under his suit, which means his ripped physique seen on screen is completely natural. 

“I will say, there’s no muscle suit under my suit. That’s my pride, ever since… seven movies in I’m like ‘I don’t want a muscle suit under my suit,’” Mackie revealed. “So I had to work out every day, all day.”

He’s working hard to get back into Captain America shape for upcoming movies

As one might expect, getting into shape to play a superhero requires an intense workout regimen and extremely strict diet. Because Mackie has been at home for months, away from his trainer and their prescribed meals, he’s been going through a fitness freefall. 

“I literally just cut off, you know?” Mackie said. “No training, no nothing, ‘cause it was just me at my house. So I would go fishing by myself, I would cook for myself. Then when friends would come over, and my sisters would drop off potato salad and everything I’m not supposed to be eating. That’s the reality. So it takes—you take the four months. Right now I’m in the end of the first month of the four-month process to get back away from Fat Mackie to a Movie Mackie. ‘Cause Fat Mackie’s free.”