‘Apex Legends’ Season 10 Care Package Weapons Revealed

Apex Legends Season 10 is right around the corner. Respawn Entertainment’s latest changes to the popular battle royale game will be released in full on August 3 — and it’s a lot to take in. Season 10 will see the introduction of a new legend, Seer, who uses microdrones to his advantage. What’s more, it will see changes coming to a variety of other game aspects, including a fresh care package rotation. 

‘Apex Legends’ Season 10 care package changes

Some of Apex Legends current roster of legends -- Seer will join the roster in Apex Legends Season 10
Some of Apex Legends current roster of legends | Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 10 will see some new additions to the current care package meta, and one weapon removed. Fans of the Prowler will now be able to find it among floor loot, but of course there’s a catch. 

The Prowler will no longer have its Selectfire hop-up from Season 7. This allowed the Prowler to fire on full-auto, and altered the HAVOC rifle’s mode of fire to a hit-scan laser. Without the hop-up, Prowler fans will have to make do with burst-fire. 

Meanwhile, the Spitfire LMG and Alternator will be moved to the care package. As of now, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t released notes about damage changes for the Spitfire or any other care package adjacent guns, but it’s expected that it will be returned to its pre-nerf glory. 

The Alternator will include the Dusruptor Rounds hop-up, which was removed during Apex Legends Season 3. Disruptor Rounds allow the Alternator, and previously the RE-45, to deal increased damage to shields. The RE-45 boasted a damage multiplier of 1.7x, and the Alternator saw a 1.55x multiplier. 

Speaking of hop-ups, Season 10 will see the introduction of the new Boosted Loader hop-up. This addition to floor loot will allow player to reload faster. If a player times their reload just right, they’ll get extra ammo. As of now, the hop-up will be available for the Hemlok and the Wingman. 

Seer’s abilities have been revealed 


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Apex Legends Season 10 also saw the introduction of Seer, a new legend with an enigmatic backstory. Seer employs a crew of microdrones to help him scout out the battlefield, with a focus on reconnaissance.

His passive, HeartSeeker, allows Seer to hear and visualize enemy heartbeats when using iron sights. This should be a big deal for close quarters to mid-range combat, although the effective distance has yet to be revealed. 

Seer’s tactical ability, Focus of Attention, allows Seer to use microdrones to mark enemies in front of him. This will also disrupt usage of healing items, and will show enemies to Seer’s allies as well for up to eight seconds.

The new legend’s ultimate is called Exhibit, and it could drastically change the pace of combat. Exhibit includes Seer creating a sphere of microdrones utilizing the technology in his chest. Enemies within the sphere who fire their weapons or move too fast are marked by the drones. 

Marked enemies are visible to both Seer and his allies, and their footsteps are revealed. Enemies will be able to shoot down the heart chamber Seer throws out to create the zone.