‘Apex Legends’: Unreleased and Old Pre-Release Legends Include Wild Ideas

Apex Legends Season 10 introduced Seer as a new legend, and the deadly performer has been making waves. Players will be interested in learning that before his release in the battle royale game, Seer was considered a concept name as far back as 2019. In fact, a variety of current legends have their roots in unreleased or pre-release Apex Legends designs, some of which are pretty interesting. 

Unreleased ‘Apex Legends’ characters had unique skills

The eight original characters in Apex Legends
The eight original characters in Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends originally launched in February 2019 with eight playable characters — Bangalore, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Caustic, and Mirage. There was a lot of hype at the time about what future legends there might be, and leaked development notes show some interesting directions for unreleased and pre-release legends. 

This character seems to have been based on crafting and loot. Their passive gave teammates additional backpack space, and their tactical offered a loot compass. Their ultimate was a crafting table that seems to have been turned into the modern replicator system. 

This legend was focused on revives and shields. Their passive granted the same ability as the gold knockdown shield self-revive. Also, their tactical unleashed a cloud of nanites that could charge ally shields or drain enemy shields. Their ultimate restored their health and shields to max and gave nearby teammates the self-revive ability for 30 seconds. 

Kuben Blisk:
The mercenary leader himself, starring in Titanfall 2’s campaign as a main antagonist. Blisk currently operates as the leader of the Apex Games. His passive would allow him to see enemy squaddies for 10 seconds after a finisher. Blisk’s tactical would allow him to throw a knife for 20 damage, marking the target for death and granting credits on death. His ultimate awarded credits to squadmates on kills, which could be spent on special supplies. It could be interesting to see the master mercenary join the Apex Legends roster in the future. 

Jericho was based around a sort of riot shield concept. Their passive gave them rear protection when not using their riot shield actively. Their tactical allowed them to use the body shield, and their ultimate granted them two electric javelins to throw at foes, burning through their shields. 

Skunner appeared to be a trap-based legend. Their passive, light step, ensured they don’t leave tracking evidence for Bloodhound and prevented them from getting slowed by other traps. Their tactical placed a “debris trap” that would slow and damage enemies, and their ultimate included a spiked barrier. 

Husaria appeared to be based on breaching. Their passive included a leg-mounted shotgun that could bust down doors on melee or use shotgun ammo to shoot enemies on melee. Their tactical was a flashbang for deafening and blinding foes. Additionally, their ultimate included a breaching charge that could destroy traps, break down doors, and disorient foes. 

Downfall seems to share some ability direction with Fuse. Downfall’s passive built up rage when dealing damage. A full rage meter granted 20 seconds of immunity. Their tactical included a box of four molotovs granted to teammates. Their ultimate fired a wave of incendiary ordnance. 

Seer, Revenant, Rampart, and a different Loba are there as well

Apex Legends Season 10 star Seer was listed in 2019 as a potential character under Seer/Prophet. Rampart and Revenant were in the mix, and so was Loba, but under a different name. 

Seer’s passive granted increased ADS accuracy and a starting scope. Their tactical was a scan, seemingly similar to Bloodhound’s current tactical in Apex Legends. Their ultimate granted them a special silenced sniper rifle with three shots — perhaps similar to a silenced triple-take. 

The deadly simulacrum’s previous abilities seemed to focus largely on poison. Revenant could throw a poison dagger that would reveal enemies for up to 60 seconds — a full heal could remove the reveal. They had a poison bomb similar to Caustic’s ultimate that would slow and damage in an AoE. Revenant’s death totem also existed before his release. 

Rampart still had amped cover back in the day during her Apex Legends development, and it did the same thing as it does now. Sheila used to be called Maxim, and Rampart still had the LMG boosting effects back then. However, they also had a wrench that could repair structures. 

Rosie (Loba):
Loba was previously called Rosie and had some different abilities and a different look at the time. Rosie could see loot quality through walls, like Loba, but had Lifeline’s hidden compartment ability. Rosie could also choose a type of loot and reveal it if it’s within a certain area. They had Loba’s jump drive and black market as well.