‘Apex Legends’: Will the Next Map Be a Tropical Paradise on Gaea?

Apex Legends keeps things spicy when it comes to its maps by making frequent changes to their layouts, often in tandem with in-game lore updates. However, it looks like a new map may be coming soon, which is a fairly rare occasion for the battle royale game. Notably, fans and data miners have reasons to suspect that it could be a tropical paradise type of map — a pretty big departure from the catastrophe that’s World’s End, or Olympus’ minimalist future. 

Data miners think a tropical paradise map is next

Apex Legends Season 10 saw a lot of big changes with the arrival of Seer and alterations to World’s End, but something even bigger might be coming soon. Data miners have reason to believe that a tropical map is on the way, possibly as part of Season 10. 

Notably, GarrettLeaks has been finding plenty of hints pointing to the tropical setting. The YouTuber discovered a file entitled mp_rr_tropic_island, which seems pretty self-explanatory. 

Garrett also points out that there will be Tridents on the map for mobility, but will include some textural changes — specifically, the new Tridents will be covered in mud splatters and wear-and-tear, contributing to the idea of a tropical location, especially if there’s a jungle involved. 

Other leads include data values for when an object impacts something labeled “alienplant.” He goes on to point out that the upcoming Season 10 comic involves “jungle background audio” files, which he suggests have been ripped directly from the new map itself. 

New map could see active wildlife

Apex Legends players are familiar with the world’s wildlife thanks heavily to King’s Canyon, which featured flyers and leviathans. Meanwhile, World’s End includes prowlers within Bloodhound’s trials, so the precedent for animals existing within the games is there. 

That being said, there are rumors that Apex Legends’ new map could feature wildlife with hostile AI meant to harass the legends during each game. Shrugtal, another big Apex Legends data miner, also did a video on the new map. 

Shrugtal points out that there are scripts for wildlife, with one entitled mp_rr_ai_wildlife. Shrugtal goes on to add that it doesn’t look like a static creature or a temporary one — rather that the AI wildlife will be persistent on the map.   

If the map is meant to be on Gaea, which is the current prevailing suspicion, the wildlife could wind up being Carthage spiders — the same beasts that Caustic uses to create his noxious gas. They’re big, they’re mean, and they’re toxic. 

Rampart town takeover probably coming soon

The original Apex Legends crew posing for a promotional image
The original Apex Legends crew | Respawn Entertainment

It’s not yet clear whether a new map will be revealed during Apex Legends Season 10 or Season 11, but there is reason to suspect a Rampart town takeover during Season 10. Rampart has begun showing up during battle royale loading screens, lamenting a rather bland-looking Hammond Robotics sign advertising her new shop on World’s End. 

Signs are distributed near Lava City and feature a large land crawler that will likely fill the empty area within Lava City. Garrett pointed out that there’s something called a “Rampart Special” coming soon as well for the event — likely a hop-up or weapon attachment of some sort. 

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