Apple Needs to Buy ‘Mad Men’ Sooner Rather Than Later

Since its launch last year, Apple TV+ has struggled to find its place in the market. Although the streaming service has created some well-received original content, it can’t keep up with the pace of original shows from its competitors. However, the service has hit on a strategy that could help it stand out from the others – and if it’s going to work, Mad Men may be a part of it.

Benedikt Taschen, actors Jessica Pare, Kiernan Shipka, January Jones, Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks and Jon Hamm
(L-R) Benedikt Taschen, actors Jessica Pare, Kiernan Shipka, January Jones, Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks, and Jon Hamm | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Viewers have this complaint about Apple TV+ 

When Apple threw its hat into the ring of streaming services, people were a little taken aback by what they were offering. The monthly price for the service was very low — only $5 a month. On top of that, people who bought a new Apple product got a whole year of Apple TV+ for free

Of course, there is a trade-off for the lower price. There simply isn’t as much content as you’ll find on other streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. Although Apple has released some popular original programming, people still tend to prefer other, more prolific streaming services. 

A strategy for a competitive market

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Since Apple TV+ isn’t keeping up with the pace of production from juggernauts like Netflix, they’ve decided to implement a strategy to help them stay competitive. According to Observer, to keep the attention of viewers between the launch of original shows, Apple is focusing on investing in a catalog of classic programming. The hope is that having a constant supply of beloved movies and sitcoms that people would love to re-watch will keep viewers’ interest while they wait for the release of new original programming.

Of course, that means Apple has to find and acquire exclusive rights to the kind of programming that people love. An opportunity is coming soon that people believe would help them do just that. 

People are sure that Apple TV+ needs Mad Men

Netflix recently announced that they would no longer be carrying Mad Men. That means it’s up for grabs, and although no one knows exactly how much it will cost to buy the rights, some industry insiders say $184 million for the series may be at the low end of estimates. But viewers think that would be a worthwhile investment for Apple. 

A discussion on Reddit picked up the idea that this is a prime opportunity for the struggling streaming service. “With the rumor that Apple is looking to acquire older content, and the news that Mad Men is leaving Netflix on 6/9, I think the show would be a great fit for TV+,” one commenter pointed out. “Critically acclaimed, but never got big ratings, it would add 92 episodes to the service.”

One person disagreed, saying, “While I think this is a good idea, I feel apple’s philosophy is to create their own content and not have to worry about licensing fees.” Others pointed out that this strategy has shifted. “This is based on the reports of Apple buying & negotiating for greater content besides originals.”

As one commenter noted, the production limits because of the pandemic may play a part in the decision to focus on classic shows. “There may be a lull in production and licensing old shows can help fill that gap. it will be interesting to see what they pick up.”

Apple TV+ is still striving to find its place in a crowded market. Perhaps Mad Men is exactly what they need to be competitive. If so, it may be the first time Don Draper was ever helpful to anyone other than himself.