Apryl Jones Claims in Instagram Video That People Question Her Blackness Because of Men’s Interest in Her

Love & Hip Hop star Apryl Jones has made headlines as of recent due to a rumored relationship with Dr. Dre, but now, it is an Instagram Live video that has folks talking.

Apryl Jones on the red carpet
Apryl Jones | Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Apryl Jones has been rumored to be dating Dr. Dre

Jones broke up with Lil Fizz after their controversial relationship, which played out on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Since breaking up with Lil Fizz, she’s been romantically linked to Dr. Dre but neither of them have confirmed anything.

In an interview with Madame Noire, Jones talked about being with someone and dating but did not give any names.

“I am dating,” she said. “And…I’m not looking for anything. I’m a say I’m not looking. I just feel like…I am dating and I’m open and I feel like what I am hoping to experience is just a great exchange of energy with somebody that feels different and I’ll know it when I feel it. But that’s just where I’m at with it.”

“I’m not looking for anything,” she continued. “I don’t have a particular type. I’m just enjoying life and exchanging energy and enjoying company. And that’s it. And when I need what I need when I need it, I get what I need when I need it! Keep it pushin’ [laughs]. That’s where I’m at.”

Apryl Jones made a video about people attacking her

Recently on Jones got on Instagram Live and spoke about people who have allegedly been talking about her relationships. She then tied it to race.

“People don’t want me to be Black because they’re just so made that certain people talk to me and they’re like, ‘She’s not Black. We have to create this scenario that she’s an exotic cause guys just literally should not like her,” she said, as reported MadameNoire.

She went on to say that men are attracted to her because of her energy. ‘No guys like me, sweetheart,” she continued. “The reason that they don’t like you is because you’re negative and because you’re nasty.”

Things started to take a turn when Jones began to slam people that were commented on her Instagram.

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“You’re a dumb b***h, and you just don’t know how to let go of the anger and emotions,” she said in reference to someone. “But if you can actually be a nice person and have great energy, guys will gravitate towards you. You wonder why guys don’t gravitate towards you and you wonder why you can watch my stories and see my stories and be like, ‘Wow, how can these people…’ It’s because I’m a great, dope person.”

People slam Apryl Jones for her video

When a portion of Jones’ Live was reposted by The Shade Room, fans began to weigh in on what she said. The majority of people disagreed with her.

“I hate when bad energy people talk about good energy,” commented one person.

Someone else posed a question, writing, “What is she talking about? Who don’t want her to be black? Did she wake up and choose to address non existing issues?”

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Another person questioned the timing of the conversation, saying, “She’s having this conversation with the phone while her kids are right there? lol.”