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When Apryl Jones and Lil’ Fizz first sparked dating rumors last summer, the internet couldn’t wait until Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood premiered to see how it would affect the cast and B2K.  The drama played out this past season on the show in multiple episodes, with the pair and Fizz’s ex, Moniece Slaughter, addressing the chatter on social media.

Denials, accusations, arguments, and all sorts of other things happened before the two finally confirmed their romantic relationship online and later on the LHHH reunion.

Early this month, new rumors swirled that they broke up. This time, Apryl addressed whether they’re still together—in her own way.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones | Prince Williams/Getty Images

How rumors about a split between Apryl and Fizz started

First, Apryl was accused of cheating on Fizz in early December after a video surfaced of her with a rapper named FBG BabyGoat. Both of them vehemently denied anything foul was going on, but Love & Hip Hop fans were already hot on Apryl’s case about dating her kids’ father’s bandmate. Many already held—and still hold—the perception that her dating behavior is wrong.

But days after the world rang in 2020, there was new speculation that the lovebirds broke up. Why? According to multiple outlets, Fizz and Apryl unfollowed each other on social media. Some believe it’s an indication they’re completely done, while others think it’s just a ploy to withdraw their love from the public eye and take the heat off their relationship.

Apryl discusses her and Fizz’s union

During an interview with Claudia Jordan on Fox Talk, Apryl again reiterated that Fizz was there for her when she needed someone and she’s grateful for that. She also said that their friendship didn’t happen right away, as she was single for three years following her split with Omarion (also of B2K). Fizz/Dreux came at a time when she was trying to rebuild as a single mom.

“I just happened to have the support—thank God by the grace of God—by somebody who was a real good friend. And I think for any woman who has a human being in your life that’s doing things for you that most won’t, or that’s offering you sound advice, or that you’re spending time with because they want to see you win or be great. . .

It’s easy to fall for a person like that. I’m grateful that I had somebody like that in my life during that hard time—and still.”

When Jordan asked if they’d broken up, she said, “Dreux is a great man and his focus is on Kam and my focus is on my children, and we are where we are. And I kinda want to leave it there.”

She also talked about social media backlash

Because of Apryl and Fizz’s relationship, fans and castmates on Love & Hip Hop have had plenty to say about the couple. But online, Apryl said she’s decided to fall back and not let the comments get to her, and instead focus on herself, her children, and her brand.

With that also came the admission that she’s in therapy to help her heal. She credits her therapist with aiding her in keeping calm when negativity pours in through the web or in her real life. For now, she wants the focus to be on her work and what she’s doing in the community, and for women’s empowerment.