‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa Has 1 Surprising Link to ‘The Batman’

The coincidental connections between actors in superhero films are more common than not, and that includes numerous six degrees of separation at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Comics. At the latter, there’s one recent familial connection no one thought would happen: Jason Momoa and Zoë Kravitz.

When Momoa married Lisa Bonet three years ago, Kravitz became his stepdaughter, a relationship that’s proven much closer than anyone realized. Both of them are now associated with DC, which has everyone reigniting Aquaman’s direct relationship with Batman.

What’s the real distance between Momoa’s Aquaman and Batman at this point? There probably wouldn’t be an immediate crossover, but the connections might reconnect once Kravitz becomes the new Catwoman.

Jason Momoa and Zoë Kravitz have become like real father and daughter

Jason Momoa arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Aquaman" at the Chinese Theatre on December 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Jason Momoa | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

To prove how close Momoa has become to his new stepdaughter, the two presented Best Actress together in two categories during the Golden Globes on January 5. This was already a last-minute pairing since Octavia Spencer was supposed to present with Kravitz before canceling due to illness.

Having Momoa and Kravitz together on-stage as stepfather and stepdaughter wasn’t awkward at all…or at least one stage. Considering they have an affectionate relationship, it led to some fun interactions during the award presentation.

At one point, Momoa said he was excited to see Kravitz as Catwoman when she plays the role in The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson in 2021.

Of course, this makes them competing for DC stars in arms. There really isn’t any other family connection like this in a superhero franchise, making everyone wonder if there’s a way to connect Aquaman to the Batman universe again.

More Aquaman and the new Batman film might make DC soar over Marvel

The first Aquaman film made Momoa into a bigger star, though the prospects of a sequel are long way away since it won’t release until December 2022. That’s only because the actor’s been overloaded with a million other projects.

By then, DC will probably be in a more stellar place than where they’ve been. Their upcoming slate is set up to appeal to the R-rated superhero movie set, a niche not explored nearly enough.

While some are against the concept, it does lead to more complex psychological portraits as seen in the very anti-superhero movie Joker. Over at Marvel, the PG-13 mode is pretty much written in stone since the formula works.

Not that Momoa’s Aquaman was in the typical DC ratings category. It was also PG-13, showing DC isn’t against going this route for certain superhero tales.

Would there be a way to link Aquaman with the world of Batman?

No doubt Kravitz’s debut as the new Catwoman in The Batman will turn her into a bigger A-list movie star. Her movie will be a good lead-in to Aquaman 2, even though they’ve been kept as separate franchises.

Because of the family relations, would there be a way to bring Aquaman back into the Batman fold? The blending of the PG-13 and the hard R worlds would be an interesting experiment.

It’s not that Aquaman hasn’t been in the same space of Batman if you include the cameo in DC’s Justice League from 2017. Plus, there’s the old Super Friends animated series from the 1970s and ’80s.

There could be some serious competition between the two fans would want to see fought over, leading to a possibility of Momoa’s stepdaughter interacting with him as Catwoman.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be very different from Ben Affleck’s

If a battle between Aquaman and Batman occurs, it might not be much of a contest if Pattinson’s version isn’t quite as buff as Affleck was. Since Momoa is ripped on a level of a WWE wrestler, he might be able to pulverize the new Batman who’s reportedly a darker and more troubled soul.

Chances are they won’t be seen together immediately. In the end, Momoa and Kravitz may have to compete with one another on who makes bigger box office figures. At least they’ll both be in safe cinematic franchises as DC starts to make serious attempts at giving the MCU a run for their money.