Are Any of the Duggars Hiding a Pregnancy? Family Critics Suspect Jinger Might Be

2019 was an eventful year for the Duggar family. At one point, six of the Duggar ladies were pregnant at the same time. Things were so busy in the Duggar household that three grandchildren were born in the same month. Since January 2020, things have gone pretty quiet. While Joy Duggar is currently expecting, she’s the only Duggar who has announced a pregnancy this year. That doesn’t mean she’s the only pregnant Duggar, though. Family critics think at least one Duggar lady may be expecting, and most family followers are placing their bets on Jinger Duggar being pregnant.

Joy-Anna Duggar is due in August 2020

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth are currently awaiting the arrival of a baby girl, after suffering a miscarriage that left them devastated. While Joy had originally stated she and Austin were holding off on expanding their family until her body healed, family followers started to notice signs of pregnancy in February.

Joy waited until March to share her happy news with Instagram. She also revealed, in a YouTube video, that the pair were expecting a baby girl around the same time. Joy’s official due date appears to be August 19, although baby Forsyth could arrive anytime in August.

Family followers believe Jinger Duggar could be expecting

The state of Jinger’s marriage has been called into question recently. Family critics recently lambasted Jeremy Vuolo for contradicting his wife at every turn in a recent video. Even if there is trouble in paradise, some critics believe a baby is on the way. Several family watchers have noted that Jinger appears to be hiding her belly in photos, although in recent Instagram Live shots, she looks as trim as ever.

Speculation about Jinger likely has something to do with the fact that she appears to be strategically planning her family. Jinger married Jeremy in November 2016. While she had a quick courtship just like her siblings, she deviated from Duggar family protocol by waiting more than a year to announce her first pregnancy. Jinger and Jeremy welcomed their first child, Felicity, in July 2018.  With Felicity quickly approaching her second birthday, family followers are antsy to see a second pregnancy announcement. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

Kendra could announce another pregnancy this year

While family followers aren’t yet convinced that Kendra Caldwell is expecting her third child, they aren’t counting her out for a 2020 announcement. Kendra and Joe seem to be expanding their family at a rapid rate, and it doesn’t seem far-fetched to believe that a third announcement could come this year. Kendra and Joe announced they were expecting their second child at their son’s first birthday party. Garrett Duggar was born in June 2018. His younger sister, Addison, joined the family in November 2019.

Some basic math suggests that Kendra and Joe conceived their second child just eight months after Garrett was born. If the pair follow the same timeline, Kendra and Joe could be making a pregnancy announcement by October 2020. While followers haven’t counted Kendra out for a 2020 pregnancy announcement, none seem to think Lauren Swanson or Anna Duggar will announce pregnancies this year. Both Anna and Lauren gave birth in November 2019, too.

Family critics note that Anna seems to be spacing her pregnancies two years apart. If that’s the case, she is unlikely to announce another pregnancy until 2021. Lauren, who married Josiah Duggar in 2018, appeared to have a difficult pregnancy, and fans worry that she and Josiah are not well-suited to one another. Many believe a second pregnancy announcement won’t be forthcoming for a while, if ever.