Are Any Of The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Members Dating In Real-Life?

When it comes to Queer Eye, fans are never left disappointed. 

While The Fab Five’s mission is to better the lives of other people, many can’t help but wonder if the cast members are making any new changes to their love lives. 

Queer Eye
Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness | Photo by Gabriel Olsen/WireImage

After a few months of ongoing romance rumors, we would like to know if any of the Queer Eye cast members are, in fact, dating in real-life?

Two members have been at the center of dating rumors for a while

For the past few months, fans have been speculating a possible romance between the Queer Eye cast members. 

Since the Fab Five work so closely and are always getting through long filming days together, we wouldn’t be surprised if a love connection has popped up along the way. 

With so many fans wanting the inside scoop into the idea of a possible love connection between the cast members, the Fab Five finally addressed the rumors. 

On August 2, the cast of Queer Eye — Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness — appeared on ABC’s Strahan and Sara where they discussed the rumors that there is a romance brewing between two of them.

“There have been a little social media tea that’s been going on,” co-host Keke Palmer stated as she sat beside hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines.

Palmer then brought up a recent photo shared on Antoni Porowski’s Instagram of him and Jonathan Van Ness kissing in the backseat of a car on the Fourth of July and calling the annual holiday their “anniversary.”

In a comments, many fans were certain Porowski and Ness could be a couple and were just waiting for these two reality stars to admit it. 

While they remained mum on the possible love connection, KeKe Palmer was adamant on getting answers out of The Fab Five. 

“So what’s the tea, love?” Palmer asked the reality stars.

As Van Ness began to address the rumor, one of his cast members interrupted him and said, “We’re bored,” which resulted in laughter from the hosts and the audience.

“We have way too much free times on our hands sometimes, honestly,” joked Porowski. 

Sara Haines then added, “I was gonna ask what you did in between, but now I get it.”

The Fab Five are just really close friends

While fans are certain Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness’ kiss was an indication of the start of a relationship, other believed the kiss was just a friendly sign of affection between friends. 

While we would love for a rumor like this to be true, The Fab Five are just friends and aren’t romantically involved with each other at all. 

Back in March, Porowski confirmed he was still dating Flipping Out alum, Trace Lehnhoff and the two even shared a selfie together two months later.

The Fab Five have even put dating between Porowski and Van Ness to rest before  and made it clear that they are all just friends. 

In March, the Fab Five sat down with WIRED to answer the internet’s “most searched” questions about them and their hit Netflix show. When it came time to answer questions about Porowski, one asked if he and Van Ness were dating. 

After the whole group laughed, Porowski and Van Ness made it clear that they were not.

Van Ness even shared a story about a time when he thought Porowski was going to declare his love for him (which ended up not being the case), telling the outlet that he quickly told his friend he thought they were “much better friends.”

While many of us would love for a love story between the Queer Eye cast members to one day come to light, it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Though it is fun to think about, we’ll just have to accept that The Fab Five are friends and that’s all there is to it.