Are Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Still Friends?

Nicki Minaj is “the queen of rap” while Ariana Grande “runs pop.” At least that’s how Nicki puts it in their 2016 smash hit, “Side to Side.” Both Ariana and Nicki stun fans with their talent, which is why it makes so much sense that the two powerhouses collaborate as often as possible. But are they friends in real life? Keep reading to find out!

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande love working together

Every once in a while, two A-list musicians will collaborate on a song that becomes a total banger. It happened with Ariana and Lady Gaga when they released “Rain on Me,” in May of 2020. Similarly, when Nicki joined forces with Beyoncé for the track titled “Feeling Myself,” the song was a massive success.

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Yet it’s rare when standalone musicians end up working together on multiple projects. Usually, this only ends up happening when the two artists have a strong musical connection and can swiftly work alongside each other.

This most definitely seems to be the case for Ariana and Nicki, who have come out with not one, not two, but six songs together. Pretty impressive, huh? These songs include “Bang Bang,” “Get on Your Knees,” “Side to Side,” “Bed,” “The Light is Coming,” and “Bad to You.”

The rapper and the pop-star are basically ‘sisters’

Nicki and Ariana have a deep musical connection. But does their bond continue outside the studio? It certainly does! In fact, both ladies have gone so far as to call each other “sister.” Nicki refers to the pop-star as her “Lil sis” while Ariana calls the queen of rap her “Big Sis.” How cute?

Ariana posted the sweetest tweet, recalling an incident when she had the best day ever with Nicki.

Ariana tweets, “remember when u called me at 5 am and said get ur ass up n come to the stu b*** and I propelled myself out the door at the speed of light wearing slippers that later got soaked in the rain, and we had the best morning of my life? I do.”

Will Nicki and Ariana collaborate again?

Will Nicki and Ariana be releasing a new single together anytime soon? As of now the answer is uncertain, but there is a good chance we can expect to see a collaboration between them soon. In September, Nicki announced that she is working on a new album, and it is hard to imagine an album by Nicki that excludes Ariana.

As for the “God is a Woman” singer, she has no plans on writing a new album during quarantine. Ariana told Variety that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so now. Even so, she is still willing to work on music with artists, and she confirmed that she has a collaboration with Doja Cat.

Whether or not Nicki and Ariana will come out with a new song together is unclear. But considering the beautiful friendship between both artists, “Barbz” and “Arianators” should have high hopes that they will release a new hit together in the future.