Are Jay-Z and Solange Cool With Each Other?

Jay Z is Brooklyn’s King of Hip Hop and a man with a musical empire to take down the masses. Solange Knowles, Jay-Z’s sister-in-law through marriage, is a singer and songwriter in her own right. She is also not one to take crap from anyone — not even HOV himself. While others in the game might be intimidated by the Otis singer, Solange wasn’t afraid to throw hands when duty called. 

Now that the dust has settled around the infamous incident that shook the tabloid world a few years ago were Jay-Z and Beyonce’s little sis ever able to get back on good terms? 

Jay-Z and Solange’s notorious elevator incident

Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On May 12, 2014, something surprising happened in the elevator of The Standard Hotel in New York City. TMZ put out a security video showing Solange wailing on Jay-Z. The video had no sound so fans could only speculate what happened.

The security footage shows Solange throw caution to the wind and lunge at the hip hop king. She kicks and swings on him, holding absolutely nothing back. Sure, there’s no sound, but it certainly felt like there was plenty of screaming going on. A bodyguard was thankfully present and did his best to keep Solange from ending her “brother.” Beyonce’s sister managed to get three good hits in before getting dragged off.

No one knows what happened at the moment, but something was clear: Beyoncé had no problems with the outcome. She just stood there and watched. There is even a famous photo of her smirking as they exit the elevator.

What created the bad blood between Jay-Z and Solange?

After the video dropped, conspiracy theories shot through the roof. Not surprising considering Jay-Z and Beyonce are the King and Queen for conspiracy theorist around the globe. Many believed there was no way Solange would attack anyone unless provoked. Others thought perhaps the whole thing was tied to the “Becky with the good hair” drama. Still, others believed Jay-Z had to be to blame, crossing the line when he said something low-key offensive to the close-knit sisters.

In 2017, Jay-Z released a track on his album 4:44 which helped explain what happened that fateful day. 

“You egged Solange on / Knowin’ all along / All you had to say you was wrong.” – Jay-Z / Kill Jay-Z

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It looks like infidelity was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After all, Beyonce did bring up cheating on the Lemonade album and Jay-Z referred to it in 4.44. 

“You almost went Eric Benét / Let the baddest girl in the world get away / I don’t even know what else to say.” – Jay-Z / Kill Jay-Z

In November 2017, he came clean and let the world know that he did go sneaking around behind the Queen’s back. The two were able to patch things up, but what about Solange and Jay-Z? Were they able to put the bad blood behind them?

Have Solange and Jay-Z repaired their relationship?

As it turns out, Jay-Z and Solange were both able to leave the elevator fiasco in the past where it belongs. In the heat of the moment, the troubled family fled the scene, everyone going their separate ways. But, in just ten days, the Carters packed up their drama and shipped it. A joint statement was released stating that both parties owned up to their fair share of the event

 Jay-Z also shared more thoughts on his and his sister-in-law’s relationship during an episode of Rap Radar on Tidal. During the interview, he mentions that he and Solange are beyond cool and have only had one disagreement throughout their relationship. In the words of the 99 Problems rapper: “That’s my sister. Not my sister-in-law, no, my sister. Period.”