Are Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West Close Friends?

It’s true that many fans have been wondering whether Kim Kardashian West and Beyoncé are friends, but no one has really ever confirmed that the two women hang out regularly or are even remotely close. Kardashian West can count plenty of other celebrities as her friends, and Jennifer Lopez is someone she’s been spotted chilling with inside and outside her home. But are they casual acquaintances, business associates, or good gal pals?

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West
Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West at Met Gala 2019 | Kevin Mazur/MG19/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Kardashian West praised Lopez as her ‘idol’

Rewind back to December 2018 and you’ll note that Kardashian West and her mom, Kris Jenner, shared a post about J.Lo coming over for a movie night. Kardashian West and Lopez were seen smiling in the video that was taken at the house for a special screening of Lopez’s film, Second Act. The beauty mogul called Lopez her idol:

“I’m having a movie night at my house. Never in my life would I have imagined that my idol would wanna come have a movie night with me. My inspiration for everything has been Jennifer Lopez. I would try and see what shoes she’d wear, what makeup, what hair — I became obsessed with glam because of Jennifer.”

Who knew that these ladies hung out and did movie nights, popcorn, and birthday celebrations? That night, singer-songwriter Sia was also present and they showered her with some birthday treats. At the Met Gala this past May, news made the rounds that J.Lo and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez took selfies with Kanye West and his famous wife. How close are they?

Alex Rodriguez says Kardashian West and Lopez have a ‘beautiful’ relationship

During an interview with People, Rodriguez talked about his and Lopez’s involvement with the new ad for Facebook’s Portal. In it, they have an exchange with Kardashian West, but there’s more to them than just friendly scripted banter. In real life, Rodriguez says they go way back:

“We’ve all known each other for a long time. But Kim and Jennifer are very, very close, and she’s almost like a mentee of Jennifer, and Jennifer’s mentored her a lot over the years. Now, they just go back and forth.

They mentor each other and they have this really beautiful relationship that goes back over a decade and a half, and it’s nice to do anything with Kim and our family.”

Apparently, they have taco nights, karaoke time, and get together for parties too. They switch up whose house is the meet-up spot, like all BFFs do. J.Lo and Kardashian West are true friends!

Are there couples’ nights?

When asked about date nights with Kanye and Kim, Rodriguez said he and Lopez don’t do anything regularly with the two, but they get together every so often and have fun. “We have fun … any time we see them. To see how much Kim and Jen like each other, respect each other, support each other is awesome.”

With that said, fans probably won’t see Rodriguez and West rapping on Instagram or Snapchat together anytime soon, but you may see more of J.Lo and Kardashian West doing their bestie thing.