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Kanye West has done some rather controversial things throughout his life and, in the past couple of years, he has made headlines for supporting Donald Trump – someone who is not exactly well-liked in Hollywood.

Kanye West wearing Donald Trump's hat
Kanye West wearing Donald Trump’s hat | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

This has no doubt got many people wondering: how did Kanye West (the man who famously said that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”) come to support a figure like Donald Trump? Are the two of them really friends? Let’s take a look at their history together to see what the answer might be.

Ivanka Trump was a huge Kanye West fan many years ago

The relationship between Kanye West and Donald Trump started a long time ago. In 2009, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, tweeted that she was attending a Kanye West concert.

It seems that Ivanka and Kanye kept in touch with each other because, a year later, when a follower said that she should have gotten a shoutout on Kanye’s new album, Ivanka responded: “I know! I just told Kanye that as well.”

Donald Trump congratulated Kanye West on his marriage

The connection between Donald Trump and Kanye West continued in 2014 when Kanye West tied the knot with Kim Kardashian. Donald Trump did not attend the wedding (it’s unclear whether he got an invitation), but he had nothing but nice words for the couple.

Speaking to Extra TV, Donald Trump said: “I certainly wish them the best of luck. I know them well and they’re both very nice people.”

Kanye West supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election

Two years later, after Donald Trump won the presidency, Kanye West revealed that he did not vote. However, if he did, the Republican candidate would have been his choice.

At a concert in San Jose, California, Kanye West went on a rant about his support for Donald Trump.

“[Voting for Trump] don’t mean that I don’t think that black lives matter; that don’t mean I don’t believe in women’s rights; that don’t mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage, that don’t mean I don’t believe in these things because that was the guy I would’ve voted for,” he said. “If I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.”

A lot of people in the audience booed Kanye West, but the rapper would not sway from his political views. On other occasions, he was seen sporting Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat and calling liberals “bullies.”

Donald Trump continued to praise Kanye West

On Donald Trump’s side, he has been asked about Kanye West a few times and he often seems to indicate that he likes Kanye West because the rapper has said good things about him.

“I’ll never say bad about [Kanye West],” Trump shared in a press conference. “You know why? ‘Cause he loves Trump. He goes around saying, ‘Trump is my all-time hero.’ He says it to everybody. So Kanye West? I love him.”

Are Kanye West and Donald Trump really friends?

At this point, it’s clear that Kanye West and Donald Trump support each other in public. West even made visits to the Trump Tower as well as the White House on separate occasions. However, whether they truly consider each other friends or not is still unknown as neither has ever used the word “friends” to describe their relationship.

To many outsiders, they seem to just have a special bond that was created because of a few commonalities. Both West and Trump are considered to be materialistic, narcissistic, and out of touch with the common people – traits that have earned them negative reputations everywhere. Thus, it’s not surprising if they see themselves in each other and have forged a good relationship that way.