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They’re chart-topping musicians, working with Pixar for the Disney+ release Soul and even performing at a concert in conjunction with the Biden-Harris campaign. 

When it comes to the AJR members, all three of them are actually brothers, who write and mix music right in their living room. Here’s what we know about the Met brothers and their music. 

Adam, Jack and Ryan Met backstage before the LIVE Streamed iHeartRadio performance of AJR
Adam, Jack and Ryan Met backstage before the LIVE Streamed iHeartRadio performance of AJR | Tom Cooper/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

AJR is comprised of 3 brothers — Adam, Jack, and Ryan

They’re known for songs like “Sober Up,” “Bang,” and “Burn The House Down.” Adam (the eldest,) Ryan (middle,) and Jack (the youngest) are the three performers who make up AJR. Sometimes when they perform live, however, they invite other musicians onstage, including a trumpet player.

These brothers, based in New York City, write, produce, and mix their own material. Most recently, that includes the 2019 release, Neotheater. (On social media, the artists shared that even more music is on the way for 2021, even if that means touring looks somewhat different from the group.)

AJR releases original music

Just starting out, the AJR Brothers found success on YouTube, posting creative covers of songs like “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers and “Next To Me” by Emeli Sandé.

From there, the brothers branched out to create original music, some even being influenced by pop culture. The official music video for “I’m Ready,” released in 2013, featured a sample of Spongebob Squarepants from the Nickelodeon cartoon of the same title.

Their song “Netflix Trip” was inspired by the brothers’ love for the comedy series, The Office. The musicians maintained that playful, creative energy in recently released albums and singles. 

“When we first started writing together, we just wanted to emulate our favorite artists and styles,” Ryan Met said during an interview with Songwriter Universe. “We went through our Beach Boys phase, then hip-hop, then more theatrical Broadway stuff.” 

“Everything came together five years ago when we developed a sound that is a combination of all the styles we’ve worked in the past 13 years, since the time we were kids busking in Washington Square Park,” he continued. “When ‘I’m Ready’ took off, we made a conscious decision to write songs about subjects that most songwriters wouldn’t think about.”


Is AJR in Disney and Pixar’s ‘Soul?’

AJR will perform at the Biden-Harris ‘We the People’ Concert

This band collaborated with the artist Rivers Cuomo for their song “Sober Up.” Recently, however, AJR had one of their songs appear in the official trailer for Disney and Pixar’s animated film, Soul. That’s the song titled “Overture” from the album The Click and The Click (Deluxe Edition.)

Aside from performing drive-in concerts and virtual concerts for fans worldwide, these brothers are set to take the stage alongside artists like Fall Out Boy, Carole King, and James Taylor. That’s in conjunction with the Biden-Harris Inauguration ceremony, taking place on Jan. 17, 2021.

Music by AJR is available for streaming on most major platforms.