Are the Jonas Brothers and BTS Friends?

They are two of the biggest boy bands in the world. Separately, they dominate the pop music charts, earning millions of views on their music videos and millions of streams on Spotify. Together, they would be unstoppable. Are the Jonas Brothers and BTS friends? Would they collaborate in the future? Here’s what we know about their boy bands’ relationship with each other.

The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers | Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers briefly met BTS at this year’s Billboard Music Awards

Fans are “Burnin’ Up” for a Jonas Brothers and BTS collaboration. However, the idea first sparked with the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. When the award show shared a video of the seating arrangement, the Jonas Brothers were seated close to the K-Pop group fans went crazy on social media. Then, a video surfaced of the two groups meeting and shaking hands.

“Once BTS and the Jonas Brothers meet, their combined boyband power will destroy the universe,” joked one Twitter user. Following the Billboard Music Awards, fans of BTS and the Jonas Brothers took to Twitter, sharing their love for both groups. Some asked for a collaboration between the two boy bands.

“Please make this collab happen. The artists of my youth mixed with the artists who are teaching me how to find myself,” said one Twitter user. “Please make it happen!”

J-hope, Jin, Jimin, SUGA, RM, V, Jungkook of BTS | Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The Jonas Brothers often expressed their admiration for BTS, especially Joe Jonas

Although the two groups aren’t exactly friends, they still admire each others’ work. That is especially true for Joe Jonas and the Jonas Brothers, who sometimes mention BTS during interviews.

“We can’t get enough of BTS,” the Jonas Brothers said, according to Seventeen. “I feel like if we had the opportunity to work with them it would be an honor.”

Being that both the Jonas Brothers and BTS were at the Billboard Music Awards, the Jonas Brothers were sure to give them a shout-out. When asked who they were most excited to see perform, Joe Jonas said the K-Pop group.

“I’m ready for BTS. I want to see it in real life. I’ve seen them in Youtube videos, so I’m a bit excited to see them on the big stage,” Joe Jonas said during an interview during the Billboard Music Awards.

Will there be a collaboration between the Jonas Brothers and BTS?

Since their brief encounter at the Billboard Music Awards, some fans want to know if the boy bands plan to perform a song together. Unfortunately, it looks like a collaboration between the two groups is unlikely, as BTS often mentions other artists they’d like to work with. That includes solo artists like Troye Sivan and Shawn Mendes.

Even if they did want to collaborate, the Jonas Brothers are on their Happiness Begins world tour until February 2020. The BTS members have upcoming performances in South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Music from BTS and the Jonas Brothers is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.