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Are You the One? stars Mikala Thomas and Joe Torgerson didn’t appear on the same season of the reality dating series but began romantically seeing each other in Jan. 2018. Three years later, the couple announced their engagement.

In this photo illustration a MTV logo seen displayed on a smartphone
In this photo illustration a MTV logo seen displayed on a smartphone | Igor Golovniov

Mikala Thomas debuted on ‘Are You the One?’ season 4

In 2016, 22-year-old New Jersey-based Mikala Thomas appeared on the fourth season of Are You the One? looking for a guy who shares her adventurous spirit but ready to commit.

She quickly fell for Cameron Thomas, and the Truth Booth determined the couple a perfect match by the third episode. After spending the rest of the time in the Honeymoon Suite, they continued dating and moved in together as well as adopted a cat.

The couple returned to reality television for AYTO? Second Chances Gameplay hoping to earn money as they spent the majority of their winnings starting a life together.

However, Cameron became annoyed with Mikala during the competition as he felt they only talked about surface-level things and thought she was too clingy. The two decided to split up shortly after returning home.

Joe Torgerson appeared on ‘Are You the One?’ season 6

Then 23-year-old former Jehovah’s Witness follower joined the cast of Are You the One? season 6 in 2017 searching for his perfect match.

He went on getaway dates with Alexis Eddy and Alivia Hunter but sat next to Zoe Pugh at several match-up ceremonies.

After realizing they weren’t a perfect match, he moved on and discovered Uche Nwosu, who wouldn’t separate from her non-match, Clinton Moxam, as his person.

While his perfect match continued a relationship with Clinton following the show, Joe eventually moved on and began dating Mikala.

Joe and Mikala are engaged

After claiming they weren’t together, the two finally revealed they were seeing each other in a Jan. 2018 post of their “first date” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

He also took her to a water polo game at Arizona State University, and they visited the Santa Monica pier. A few months later, in August, the two confirmed they were officially a couple by posting a photo of them kissing at restaurant Catch LA.

Afterward, they began writing more romantic captions on pictures of each other, and she met his mother. The couple rang in 2019 together by hosting a New Year’s party, visiting Puerto Rico, and launching a YouTube channel.

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They kicked the following year off with a vacation in the Bahamas and quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic together. The two then traveled to Mexico in Jan. 2021 before asking her to marry him a month later.

He posted a picture of Mikala holding his hand and happily staring at her new ring, captioning it, “You’re stuck with me now.” She also shared the news to her Instagram, uploading a picture of him and her left hand, writing, “Best friends forever.”

Several former Are You the One? stars congratulated the couple, including season 6’s Diandra Delgado and Jada Allen, season 3’s Hannah Rathbun, and Tori Deal of season 5.