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In 2017, 20 singles who “suck at love” attempted to find their perfect match, according to a matchmaking algorithm, for a chance at $1 million during Are You the One? Season 6. Which perfect matches are still together?

'Are You the One?' Season 6 cast photo
‘Are You the One?’ Season 6 cast photo | MTV

Tyler Colon and Nicole Spiller

The first and only confirmed perfect matches of Are You the One? Season 6 went to the Honeymoon Suite in episode 9.

However, he was unable to get out of the friendzone, and the couple never attempted a romantic relationship following the show.

Anthony Martin and Alexis Eddy

Anthony and Alexis never sat next to each other at a match-up ceremony until the finale, as they spent a lot of time focusing on confirmed no matches. Therefore, the pair didn’t form a romantic connection or pursue anything following the season.

Clinton Moxam and Geles Rodriguez

As Clinton and castmate Uche Nwosu developed a strong connection early on, and Geles gravitated toward Anthony, the couple weren’t on each other’s radar. After Clinton and Uche were determined a non-perfect match, the two sat next to each other during several ceremonies until the finale. They didn’t attempt a romantic relationship after the show.

Dimitri Valentin and Nurys Mateo

He spent a lot of time getting to know Diandra Delgado in the house, and she got involved in a love triangle with Malcolm Drummer. They only sat next to each other one time before the finale, where they were revealed as perfect matches. The couple didn’t develop a romantic connection.

Ethan Cohen and Zoe Pugh

For the first half of AYTO Season 6, Zoe was caught up on Joe Torgerson, and Ethan struggled to connect with the other ladies.

They weren’t on each other’s radar and only sat together at a match-up ceremony once before the finale.

Joe Torgerson and Uche Nwosu

Uche and Joe never had anything more than a friendship due to her intense feelings for Clinton. Therefore, they didn’t attempt a romantic relationship following the season.

Kareem Fathalla and Diandra Delgado

Due to his fling with Aliva Hunter and her love triangle with Nurys and Malcolm, the pair only started sitting next to each other toward the end of the season. The couple didn’t pursue anything romantic following the season.

Keith Klebacher and Jada Allen

Keith had a thing with Alexa, and the two didn’t avoid each other after discovering they were not perfect matches. Jada, who wanted a chance with Clinton, didn’t form any connections in the house. She and Keith didn’t attempt a relationship after filming.

Malcolm Drummer and Alivia Hunter

As Malcolm focused on Diandra and Nurys and Alivia connected with Kareem early in the season, the two didn’t pay much attention to each other. Therefore, they didn’t attempt a romantic relationship.

Michael Johnson and Keyana Land

Keyana and Michael started strong, but he wanted to pursue other connections in the house. They turned out perfect matches but ultimately decided not to pursue a relationship beyond the show.

David Shad and Audrey Diaz

Shad and Audrey sat next to each other during several match-up ceremonies, but she had her eye on Michael. After they were determined a no-match, she focused back on Shad. However, the pair didn’t date after the show.


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