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Ariana Grande fans think the singer may have sent a secret message through her makeup line. After noting the name of one of her new r.e.m. beauty lip oils, some are sure she’s using it as a tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller met in 2012 

Ariana Grande Mac Miller song
Mac Miller and Ariana Grande at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Grande and Miller met through Twitter in November 2012. As collaborators, they released their first song, a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” a month later. In 2013, they dropped their second collaboration,  “The Way.” 

The pop star and rapper remained friends for years. And in 2016, they reunited for the “Into You”  remix. Soon after, Grande and Miller made their romance public, appearing together at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. 

The couple parted ways in May 2018. But despite the breakup, they had nothing but kind words for each other. 

“This is one of my best friends in the whole world and favorite people on the planet,” Grande wrote in an Instagram story following the split. “I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us!”

In September 2018, Miller tragically died from an overdose in his Los Angeles home. Grande was devastated. And she shared a tribute to Miller on Instagram

“I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will,” she wrote. “You were my dearest friend. For so long. Above anything else. I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to. The kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. I hope you’re okay now. Rest.”

Ariana Grande may have paid tribute to Mac Miller in her makeup line 

Grande has honored Miller many times since his death. She’s written songs inspired by him, mentioned him at concerts, and posted videos and photos of him on social media. 

But some fans think she might be paying tribute to Miller through a makeup product. Grande recently dropped a new lip oil called “Pickin Petals” as part of her r.e.m. beauty line. And some followers think it’s a call-back to the lyrics in Miller and Grande’s song “The Way.” 

“When you get the r.e.m beauty lip oil in ‘pickin petals’ and realize ari keeps dropping us little reminders of mac,” TikTok user Kaylie Vazquez said. 

In the verse fans are referring to, Miller sings, “Say, I’m thinking ‘bout her every second, every hour. Do my singing in the shower. Picking petals off the flowers like, ‘Does she love me, do she love me not?’” 

Grande hasn’t confirmed whether the lip oil name is connected to her song with Miller. But some fans are sure it’s another way the singer is honoring him. 

The pop star names her beauty products herself 


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Fans aren’t grasping at straws when assuming “Pickin Petals” is a tribute to Miller. Grande names each of her products herself. And she makes it a point to use words and phrases that are significant to her. 

“The names are all super-personal to me,” Grande told Seventeen, revealing some were inspired by her family and others by her favorite things. “I had this vision for my line, and it ended up being exactly how I sort of dreamt it would be. It feels so honest and so true to me.”