Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Calls His Dad ‘the Best Training Partner in the World’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for his bodybuilding past, acting career, and the former Governor of California.

His most notable role was in the hit sci-fi film, The Terminator. With his fame and political career, he and his family are in the spotlight regularly. One of the most shocking reveals about Schwarzenegger was his lovechild with the family’s housekeeper.

After the news, he built a relationship with his illegitimate son, Joseph Baena. With Baena’s striking similar appearance to Schwarzenegger, it’s not surprising that he is following in his father’s footsteps. 

Who is Joseph Baena?

Joseph Baena is the now 23-year-old son of Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper.  He grew up in a close relationship with the Schwarzenegger-Shriver family because of his mother’s 20-year work for them and his close age with their son Christopher. Baena was often invited to dinners and holidays, which meant he spent a lot of time with his dad, although nobody was aware of the relation at the time.

As Joseph got older, he had very similar features to Schwarzenegger, and the puzzle pieces were placed together. According to The U.S. Sun, the former Governor of California said that he didn’t know the child was his until he “started looking like me.”

Baena attended Pepperdine and recently graduated with a business administration degree. He shares the same passion for fitness as his father. He regularly shares updates from the gym and his bodybuilding efforts on his Instagram. His huge Instagram following has gained him media attention as Arnold 2.0 makes a name for himself.

He has also followed in Schwarzenegger’s acting footsteps, playing in the Terminator 2 Remake with Joseph Baena: Bad to the Bone in 2016. Most recently, Baena played a role in The Chariot and is currently one of the actors working on a new action film titled Push Comes to Shovel

The world finds out about Joseph

Born in 1997, just five days before Arnold Schwarzenegger and, then wife, Maria Shriver’s son Christopher, Joseph Baena is the son of the couple’s long-time housekeeper, Mildred Baena. While everyone believed that Joseph was the son of their housekeeper and her then husband, the truth was revealed in 2011.

Schwarzenegger admitted in May 2011 that he had an affair with the family’s housekeeper, Mildred, and acknowledged Joseph as his son. Baena was hired by the family in the 1990s, so you can imagine the shock from Shriver and the couple’s four children after finding out about Schwarzenegger and Baena’s lovechild. 

The unexpected reveal from Schwarzenegger led to very public marital problems between him and Shriver. While the couple weathered many issues throughout their years in the public eye, the confrontation over the affair was too much. Shriver filed for divorce only months afterward, and the two have not reconciled since only coming together for the kid’s birthdays and holidays. 

Baena’s ‘best training partner’ is his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger | David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images

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Despite the flurry of reporters and animosity among the Schwarzeneggers after finding out the truth about the lovechild with Mildred, Schwarzenegger has built a relationship with Baena, and his other four children appear to get along fair with their half-brother.

However, his half-sisters Katherine and Christina have never embraced their sibling relationship and often ignore Baena’s comments on social media. 

Even if he doesn’t have a close relationship with his half-siblings, he definitely has a strong bond with his dad, and they are spotted together frequently. With a shared interest in bodybuilding, Baena often calls his dad the “best training partner in the world,” according to Men’s Health.

The feeling is mutual with Schwarzenegger sharing photos of him and Baena on his social media accounts, calling him “a fantastic son, and a great training partner.”