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Once in a while, arguments commence about which actor better played an iconic superhero on the big screen or TV.

Debates continue about that with Superman and even Wonder Woman. Now it’s happened with The Flash of all characters, namely whether Ezra Miller’s big-screen version is better than the Grant Gustin version on The CW.

Rumors had popped up about shade developing between Miller and Gustin over which one was the true, definitive Flash. During the recent Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event, the two Flashes were seen together for the first time, creating a major fan response.

Unfortunately, the cameo leaked early, leading Reddit to explode with amazement it happened at all. Was it just the beginning of the two actors interacting in the reported new Flash movie, based on the graphic novel Flashpoint?

The interaction between the two Flashes was more than a little fun

Grant Gustin on the red carpet
Grant Gustin | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Anyone who’s seen the video interaction of Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen/Flash and Gustin’s knows how surprising it was. Through the magic of a DC multiverse, the two happened to literally collide with one another for a brief moment, much to the chagrin of Gustin’s Flash.

Their lines of dialogue created a lot of laughs, especially when inspecting each other’s Flash costumes in the spur of the confusing moment. Yes, both costumes are very different in design, though the DC movie universe and The CW universe have now officially blended.

A lot of fans were hoping to see this, and it’s something the MCU might regret removing from their media canon. For a while, Marvel was promising to connect MCU movies with all the network shows the studio had on the air. Once all the shows were canceled in favor of Disney+ programming, that became a scrubbed idea.

At least the Disney+ shows will connect directly to future MCU films. Now DC will get in on the act, yet not without some stark differences. A lot of critics still think Miller’s movie version is better than Gustin’s, despite others being equally opposed.

A possible setup for two Flashes interacting in a new Flash movie

With the new Flash movie scheduled to release in 2022, some things have been revealed about what the movie’s plot might entail. Some of this came from the director (Andy Muschietti) who said the film will definitely touch on the iconic Flashpoint story. However, he said it’ll be somewhat different.

What this means is anyone’s guess since the details are still being kept secret. The above crossover of the two Flashes was thought to be a setup for the Flashpoint story, outside of no real way to know.

One thing for sure is elements of the Flashpoint tale have already been incorporated into The CW’s The Flash. While fans went crazy seeing Ezra Miller in that recent cameo, it could be the only time anyone will see the two Barry Allens together in the same room.

After all, those Crisis On Infinite Earths crossovers are meant as one-time events to pump up ratings.

If the two do crossover on the big screen, will it widen the debates about who’s really the best Flash?

Who really wins the contest?

At least it appears Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin are friends and not adversaries. There aren’t any examples of competing superhero actors ever having beef with one another.

Critics still have their opinions about who really portrays the best Flash, though. Some critics still contend Miller conveys Barry Allen better because his version avoids the melodrama The CW often adds.

Others think Gustin created the best version of Barry Allen several years ahead before Miller made his debut as the character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Whatever one’s opinion is on this, having both in the same universe is proof DC has lifted from the MCU in making a multiverse true canon. Before long, that could eventually lead to DC and Marvel existing in the same time and space, leading to the ultimate in light and dark worlds.