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Season 6 of The Flash may be on hiatus, but the audience can still get their fix in a different way. Grant Gustin took to Instagram to help fill the Flash-shaped void viewers are feeling. The star shared a rare behind-the-scenes photo, spilled a few details about the Flash suit, and garnered strong reactions from other Arrowverse stars.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin | Phillip Chin/WireImage

Grant Gustin gives fans an inside look at The Flash suit

“I’m barely hanging on,’ The Flash admits in the promo for Season 6 Episode 16, “So Long And Goodnight.” These days, fans can probably relate to that feeling.

The current era of social distancing can be draining. What’s more, some of our favorite shows have been put on pause due to the production delays from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fortunately, stars like Gustin are using social media to inspire and entertain.

In an April 9 Instagram post, Gustin gave fans a peek of a wardrobe fitting for his season 5 version of the Flash suit. In television productions like The Flash, wardrobe fittings are an essential part of the pre-production process. It is the costume designer’s job to make sure that all show talent has well-fitting outfits.

In this case, rather than using the unique fabric for the on-screen costume that Gustin would ultimately wear, the tailor used ebony-colored material as a placeholder. Then they utilized the final measurements to move forward with making the final suit.

Grant Gustin digs the black Flash suit

Although he typically wears classic crimson, Gustin admitted he liked the dark suit. In the caption for the photo, he wrote:

I know there’s no new Flash for a while, so I thought I’d share this. This was from a fitting for the season 5 suit during our hiatus between seasons 4 and 5. I have like 30 pictures from this day because I was so excited. I flew to Vancouver for about 4 to 5 hours for this fitting and then home to L.A. the same day. This was before they had the actual fabric for the suit, hence the black. After I saw it like this, I kinda wanted a black Flash suit though…

Grant Gustin via Instagram

The Arrowverse Stars are into the black suit too

Gustin wasn’t alone in his opinion about the black Flash uniform. Co-stars from the Arrowverse and fans posted comments on Instagram complimenting the distinctive look.

Black Flash suit would be [fire],” commented Robbie Amell, who played the recurring role of Ronnie on The Flash during the first three seasons.

The Flash co-star Hartley Sawyer, who portrays Ralph, replied, “[You’re] hot.”

Echo Kellum who became a fan-favorite as Arrow’s Curtis Holt, borrowed a phrase from Meek Mill and responded “Litty!” (That means extremely lit, y’all)

“Sickkkkk,” is how Camrus Johnson, Batwoman’s Luke Fox, described the black Flash suit.

Elizabeth Tulloch, who will star as Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman & Lois series said,Yeah, Tyler Hoechlin [from Superman & Lois] really loved his black [Super] suit too – whole different vibe! Looks great on you.

We think Keiynan Lonsdale, who originated the role of Kid Flash in the Arrowverse, summed things up nicely by simply posting a fire emoji in the comments.

Aside from Arrowverse stars loving the black Flash suit, many other stars and fans responded. Even ESPN’s SportsCenter joined the conversation, asking, “Does Flash play sports?”

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