Ashley Benson Cried Over Her Six-Chick Hair While Filming ’13 Going On 30′

We’ve all had bad hair days, but it has to be so much worse for a celebrity. While a bad dye job or an unflattering cut can be hidden and then never spoken of again for most of us, celebrities often have their worst styling decisions captured by paparazzi.

Even worse, some of them have their bad hair choices forever haunting them from films they starred in with the butchered locks.

That’s the case for Ashley Benson, who had a particularly bad hairstyle for 13 Going on 30. It was so traumatizing that the look actually had the actor in tears.

Ashley Benson rose to fame throughout the 2000s

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Benson, who was born in 1989, got her start in acting as a teen with some small TV roles in the early 2000s. A big break for her was getting a part in 2004’s 13 Going on 30, and she used that success as a launching pad for more substantial roles. That same year, Benson began a long run on Days of Our Lives while also picking up guest spots in hit shows like 7th Heaven and The O.C. 

It was the 2010 casting in Pretty Little Liars that would really go on to define Benson’s career. She played the part of Hanna Marin for the dramatic series’ entire seven-season run. In the midst of that work, she also snagged a role in the controversial Spring Breakers, helping to establish her persona as an actor who could pull off edgy parts. Now Benson has a couple of new projects in production, and she’s certainly established herself as an actor on the rise. 

’13 Going on 30′ had Ashley Benson’s character stuck in the past

Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson | Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Benson’s role in 13 Going on 30 was certainly not a substantial one. In fact, her character didn’t even get a name! She was simply known as “Six Chick,” a reference to the fact that she was one of the members of a group of mean girls showcased in the series. Her partners in snarky crime, as BuzzFeed reports, included Alexandra Kyle, Brie Lawson, Brittany Curran, Julia Roth, and Megan Lusk.

This group of teenage girls was portrayed by several young up-and-coming actors, and their careers have had various levels of success. One of them has even reached for the stars as Captain Marvel

While it’s not quite as headline-grabbing as Marvel fame, Benson’s success in Pretty Little Liars has definitely made her among the most successful of the former fictional mean girl crew.

Notably, Benson’s appearance as a Six Chick was part of a flashback to the 1980s, and Benson was styled to look the part.

The Six Chick hairstyle left Ashley Benson in tears

Appearing in 13 Going on 30 was certainly a good move for Benson’s career, but it might not have been such a great choice for her self-esteem. In a video interview for Buzzfeed, Benson explained that the bangs she had to have for the role were a disaster. As a young teen, she had no idea how to style her hair, and after the filming was over, she was left with unruly bangs that didn’t want to be tamed. 

“I cried my eyes out for days,” Benson explained of her youthful reaction to a problem that seemed larger than life at the time. “It was just really hard for me to make the bangs work, and then the growing out period was really awkward,” she added.

Certainly, there are plenty of us who can relate to that unfortunate hair growth stage, but at least most of us escaped having it captured in a major motion picture!