Ashley Iaconetti Wants An Alum To Be The Bachelorette, But Not Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is one of the most popular bachelorettes The Bachelor franchise has ever had. But fans are split on whether they’d want to see her in the lead role again right away.

Hannah Brown | David Livingston/FilmMagic
Hannah Brown | David Livingston/FilmMagic

The end of her season was heartbreaking, as fans will recall. She gave her final rose to Jed Wyatt only to learn, after they got engaged, that the musician had come on the show with a girlfriend waiting for him back home. So it’s no surprise many fans would like to see the former beauty pageant queen get a second chance at love. But so soon? Maybe not.

Why Ashley Iaconetti doesn’t want Hannah Brown to be the next bachelorette

Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley Iaconetti recently spoke to Life & Style about how she wants to see a franchise alum get a “second shot,” but she doesn’t think Brown should be that alum.

“It’s too soon to repeat now,” she said.

But, eventually, Iaconetti would like to see the former beauty pageant queen find love on TV again.

“I would love to see Hannah be the Bachelorette again in a couple of years,” she said while promoting her partnership with K-Y lubes and gels for the “Resting Pleasured Face” campaign. “I don’t want people to get Hannah burnout.”

Many of the show’s fans have been complaining about how young Peter Weber’s Bachelor contestants are. Bachelor Nation, largely, would like to see older casts in the future. Iaconetti thinks it should start with an older lead.

“People are really craving an older cast and perhaps lead,” she said.

Who would the BIP star like to see in the lead role? She thinks Andi Dorfman, from season 10, would make a great bachelorette. Also, BIP alum Clare Crawley.

“She’s witty, whip-smart, stunning and won’t put up with crap,” says the podcast host. “I’d also love to see the beautiful Clare Crawley, she’s such a warm, nurturing soul who knows what she deserves.”

Who Ashley Iaconetti thinks is the only ‘compatible’ partner for Peter Weber from his season

Iaconetti also weighed in with her thoughts concerning Weber’s season. Her favorite for the pilot is Madison Prewett. The BIP alum says she “seems to be the only girl left in this ‘competition’ that seems very compatible with him.”

Weber has spoken up quite a bit about his fear of falling for someone who isn’t as interested in him. Iaconetti doesn’t think he has to worry about that with Madison.

“There’s an intimacy between them that’s very rare and that you can feel sitting on your couch,” she says.

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