Ashley Tisdale Comments on Her ‘Natural Boobs’ After Breast Implant Removal and Pregnancy

Ashley Tisdale is one of many celebrities who have gone under the knife for cosmetic purposes. The former Disney Channel star has talked about getting breast implants, but she also opened up about some issues they caused.

Tisdale has since removed her implants, and she recently commented on having “natural boobs” after being pregnant.

Ashley Tisdale looks on
Ashley Tisdale | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Ashley Tisdale got breast implant removal in 2019

In August 2020, Tisdale took to Instagram to share her breast augmentation story, which occurred several months before. She shared with fans the reason why she decided to get the surgery in the first place as well as why she wanted to remove the implants.

“Years ago I underwent breast enhancement surgery,” Tisdale said, according to Women’s Health. “Prior to the surgery, I constantly felt my body was less than, and thought this change would make me feel more whole and more secure about myself.”

She continued, “And for a short period of time…it did. But little by little I began struggling with minor health issues that just were not adding up—food sensitivities as well as gut issues that I thought could be caused by my implants. So, last winter I decided to undergo implant removal.”

Tisdale wrote more about the experience on her lifestyle website Frenshe. She shared the explant surgery has helped her appreciate her body more.

“Seeing my body in a way I hadn’t seen it in a while and fully loving the way I looked is a feeling I’ll never forget,” she said. “Am I bummed I have scars from getting implants and regret getting them in the first place? Of course. However, my husband always helps me look at the positive and says that those scars represent my journey and what got me to where I am right now. So, I embrace those imperfections, and I embrace that I’m not perfect and that I’m beautiful just as I am.”

Ashley Tisdale recently commented on her ‘natural boobs’ after pregnancy

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Tisdale recently gave birth to a daughter, and she is going through bodily changes associated with pregnancy. In April, she made a blog post on Frenshe detailing the painful postpartum side effects she experienced, including “horrible acid reflux” and bleeding.

Tisdale also noticed some changes in her breasts following pregnancy. According to Just Jared, he recently took to Instagram Story to share a photo of her “natural boobs” in a tank top.

The High School Musical actor wrote, “Got my implants taken out a year ago, got pregnant and now have natural boobs. Life is funny.”

Ashley Tisdale is not the only celebrity who had implants removal surgery

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Tisdale is not the only Hollywood star who decided to embrace their natural curves after years of having breast implants.

Last year, model Chrissy Teigen revealed she was getting her breast implants removed. Teigen told Glamour UK that she got breast augmentation for her job as a swimsuit model at the age of 20. However, things changed when she became a mom.

“I thought, if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky! But then you have babies and they fill up with milk and deflate and now I am screwed,” she said.

She also later told social media users, “They’ve been great to me for many years but I’m just over it. I’d like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort! No biggie!”