‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Dead by Daylight’ Collaboration Announced


  • Dead by Daylight announced a collaboration with Attack on Titan.
  • Details about the collab are sparse, but Dead by Daylight will likely roll out new skins.
  • Attack on Titan recently teamed up with Call of Duty as well.
Eren Yeager as the Attack Titan in 'Attack on Titan,' which is doing a collaboration with 'Dead by Daylight.' The image shows a side profile of his Titan, whose eyes are glowing green.
Eren Yeager in Titan form in ‘Attack on Titan’ | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

Attack on Titan Season 4 won’t return until 2023, but fans of the anime have something else to look forward to in the meantime: a collaboration with Dead by Daylight. That’s right, the popular video game is bringing one of our favorite anime into its orbit. And although we don’t know much about the team-up, Attack on Titan fans probably won’t want to miss it.

An ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Dead by Daylight’ collaboration is coming

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On July 13, Dead by Daylight took to Twitter to announce its coming collaboration with Attack on Titan. The initial post didn’t reveal much about what’s planned. However, it did showcase the Armored Titan in its image promoting the big team-up.

And fans can likely expect some exciting additions to the game’s skins. It’s unclear if we’ll see any of the Nine Titans as opponents. However, it sounds like Attack on Titan outfits will be available to purchase once the collaboration drops.

What to expect from ‘Dead by Daylight’s newest collaboration

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Dead by Daylight has yet to release all the details about its coming collaboration, but it confirmed that Attack on Titan skins will be available soon. In a Twitter post on July 14, Dead by Daylight revealed that players who purchase Survivor outfits from the anime’s collection will be eligible to receive a Garrison Regiment Crest Charm.

The game’s 6th-anniversary broadcast (via YouTube) teased Attack on Titan skins back in June, so it’s no surprise that they’re part of the coming crossover. During the live stream, the Dead by Daylight team also showed off concept art for some of the anime’s skins. On the Survivor end, it looks like an Eren Yeager skin will be available for Dwight, as well as a Hange Zoe outfit for Zarina. For Killers, an Armored Titan skin was announced for Oni.

Associate producer Jo-Ashley Robert also teased more to come, hyping up some “surprises” from the collection:

“So many of us on the Dead by Daylight team are a big fan of anime, especially Attack on Titan. The process of creating new outfits [and] a collection based on Dead by Daylight has been really, really exciting. We’re thrilled to be including 10 different outfits for both survivors and killers, and also, we need to save some surprises for later on.”

We’ll have to wait and see what else Dead by Daylight has planned. If it’s anything like Call of Duty‘s Attack on Titan collab, it’s sure to be a hit.

‘Attack on Titan’ recently teamed up with ‘Call of Duty,’ too

Attack on Titan is making a habit of collaborating with popular video game franchises, as Dead by Daylight isn’t the first to introduce a crossover with the anime this year. Back in February, Call of Duty rolled out skins and weapons inspired by the series. With the anime approaching its ending, it seems to be going out with a bang.

There’s no word on when Dead by Daylight‘s collab is arriving, but the promotions suggest it’ll be soon. Hopefully, we’ll see it in the next month or two. After all, many of us are missing Attack on Titan and could use some new content in our lives — even if it’s not in the form of new episodes.

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