‘Attack on Titan’ Episode 78: Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 isn’t pulling its punches, and the anime’s latest installment proved once again that none of its characters are safe. Several familiar faces met tragic ends in Attack on Titan Episode 78. And fans are questioning whether one of Attack on Titan‘s most important characters is really and truly gone.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 78, “Two Brothers.”]

Gabi shoots off Eren’s head in ‘Attack on Titan’ Episode 78

Eren Jaeger washing his face in 'Attack on Titan' Season 4.
Eren Jaeger in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 | Crunchyroll

Colt Grice and Porco Galliard take their final bows in Attack on Titan Episode 78, but one character’s fate is less clear. During his mad dash to reunite with his brother, Eren Jaeger comes across Gabi. Not only is she angry, but she’s holding a weapon. And Marley’s top Warrior candidate successfully manages to decapitate the anime’s main character.

Of course, there’s a twist to Eren’s fate. Zeke catches his head before it hits the ground. Apparently, the contact is enough to transport them both to The Paths, where they intend to enact their euthanization plan.

And Eren is fully intact when he arrives and attempts to betray Zeke. This doesn’t mean he’s back to normal in the physical world, but it does offer some hope that he’s not completely gone. So, is Eren Jaeger really dead after “Two Brothers”?

Is Eren Jaeger really dead after episode 78?

Given what Attack on Titan fans know about Titans, separating Eren’s head from his spinal cord should render him incapable of healing from the events of episode 78. If he does return to the world of the living, it probably won’t be through normal Titan regeneration. That said, there is another way he could survive his decapitation.

Eren and Zeke’s euthanization plan hinges on the power of the Founder, which grants the user the ability to physically alter human bodies and minds. That suggests that the Founder could heal a grievous injury like Eren’s. The problem is who’s currently in control of Ymir.

Although Eren reveals he’s not actually working toward Zeke’s euthanization plan, his betrayal doesn’t pan out the way he’d hoped. Episode 78 ends with him in chains — and Zeke seemingly in control of the Founder. On the bright side, the preview for Attack on Titan Episode 79 says, “the older brother doesn’t abandon the younger brother.”

Will Zeke choose to revive Eren with his newfound abilities?

Will ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 revive its main character?


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Zeke’s actions next week will depend on whether or not Attack on Titan wants to revive its lead after episode 78. With nine more installments to go before the final season concludes, it’s hard to imagine the anime moving ahead without Eren.

Of course, the trailer sees Eren telling someone, “You keep moving forward. Even if you die. Even after death.” That could suggest a post-mortem role for the character as his comrades scramble to make things right.

Only time will tell if Attack on Titan brings Eren back to life in episode 79. It wouldn’t be the first time the anime has done so — and it certainly would put many viewers at ease.

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