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Attack on Titan just resumed its final season, and it’s clear Eren Jaeger has come a long way since the anime premiered. His recent growth may leave viewers wondering exactly how much time has passed since the Fall of Shiganshina. How old is Eren in Attack on Titan Season 4, and what age was he at the beginning of the series?

How old is Eren when ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 opens?

'Attack on Titan' Season 4 Part 2 key art from Crunchyroll's Winter 2022 anime lineup. It shows Eren Yeager with half his face made up of scenes from the series.
‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4B key art | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

Attack on Titan Season 4 opens after a time skip, catapulting viewers four years into the future. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that the characters all look a great deal older than they did at the end of season 3.

Eren, especially, is sporting a new look. His hair is longer, and he’s grown quite a bit in stature. And his physical appearance is far from the only thing that’s changed. The first half of the final season sees him distancing himself from his comrades, adopting an eerily calm view of the fight between Paradis Island and Marley, and going to extreme lengths to fight the enemy nation.

Those watching the fourth season may find themselves wondering just how old Eren is during these final episodes. According to Distractify, Attack on Titan‘s main character is 19 years old when the Marley arc begins.

Perhaps it’s just the shift in his demeanor, but Eren feels a good deal older than 19 when the anime’s last season opens. It forces viewers to confront just how young he was when the anime first started.

What age is Eren at the beginning of the anime?

If Eren is 19 years old when Attack on Titan Season 4 takes place, how old was he when the anime began? Season 1 has a few time skips of its own, but Eren is 10 when the Colossal Titan first kicks down the wall. That’s young to experience the type of trauma he does — but it makes sense when you consider how much the Fall of Shiganshina shapes him.

From there, Eren and his friends are relocated and incentivized to join Paradis Island’s army. As Distractify points out, Eren is just 15 years old when he joins up for the Scouts Regiment. So, if it feels like the character should be older in season 4, that might just be because he joined the military so young.

Time has reshaped Eren’s view of the world

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Attack on Titan follows Eren from his childhood through to young adulthood, so it’s probably no surprise his view of the world has changed over the course of the anime. He witnesses far too much tragedy throughout his teenage years, and that directly ties into the character’s demeanor in season 4.

The more Eren has learned about the world around him, the more disillusioned he’s become. And although he claims to fight for the same values as before, it’s clear something has shifted. The realization that the outside world stood by as Marley destroyed Paradis Island seems to have been the final nail in the coffin.

Because of all Eren has seen, he seems determined to win freedom for Paradis Island — regardless of the cost. It’s hard to say if he’ll make it through the anime without becoming a completely different person. Some might even say that ship has already sailed.