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Attack on Titan Season 4 brought back Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë, and the pair promises to play a prominent role in the anime’s conclusion. They’re already making plans to stop the Rumbling, but Levi remains set on keeping his promise to the late Commander Erwin. He’s mentioned killing Zeke multiple times since returning to the action. Will he get the chance?

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 83, “Pride.”]

Levi Ackerman is still hellbent on killing Zeke

Zeke Jaeger in 'Attack on Titan' Season 4 Part 1. He's wearing glasses and a beige uniform.
Zeke in ‘Attack on Titan’ | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

Levi Ackerman is in poor shape when Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 opens. And despite Hange bandaging his wounds, it’ll likely be a while before he returns to the level of strength he showcased during his last fight with the Beast Titan — if he heals completely at all.

Whatever happens, Levi remains hellbent on fulfilling his promise to Commander Erwin. He always intended to kill the Beast Titan, but Eren’s half-brother continues to slip through his fingers. The two are continuously outwitting one another, and they’ve nearly taken each other’s lives on multiple occasions.

With the anime coming to an end, Levi is more determined than ever to settle the score with Zeke. In fact, he seems more concerned with that than dealing with the Rumbling. And given everything he’s been through, his resolve makes perfect sense.

‘Attack on Titan’ gives the captain numerous reasons to pursue Zeke

It’s probably no surprise Levi seems more focused on killing Zeke than stopping Eren. Attack on Titan has given Levi numerous reasons to seek vengeance against the Beast Titan. At this point, it’s extremely personal.

To start, Levi made a vow to Commander Erwin, and he wants to see that through. It’s no secret he and Erwin had a great deal of respect for one another. Erwin gave up his dreams to create an opening for Levi to kill Zeke. It’s only natural the captain wants to uphold his end of their deal.

Of course, Levi’s feud with Zeke goes beyond his promise to Erwin. Not only did he watch the Beast Titan kill his comrades back in season 3, but he witnessed Zeke turn his men into Pure Titans in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1. That devastating display was likely enough to renew Levi’s dedication to his cause. And Zeke nearly killing him probably didn’t help the matter.

That said, it seems a combination of honor and anger is driving the captain forward. Will he successfully eliminate Zeke the next time they see one another?

Will Levi Ackerman fulfill his promise in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4?


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So, will Levi Ackerman fulfill his promise to Erwin in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2? It’s devastating to imagine otherwise, especially knowing how important it is to him. But there are obstacles in his way — most notably, the fact that Zeke is currently being held in the Paths, far out of reach from Levi and his new alliance.

Although the group will likely get close to Eren in their attempt to stop him, there’s no telling if they’ll actually run into Zeke along the way. Even if they do, will Levi get the chance to fight him with everything else going on? Knowing the captain, he’ll certainly try. Whether he succeeds this time is another story.

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