‘Attack on Titan’: The ‘No Regrets’ OAD Is Perfect for Levi Ackerman Fans

Attack on Titan fans have had no shortage of new content recently, but the anime hasn’t focused much on Levi Ackerman in its latest episodes. Although he and Hange finally reemerge in Attack on Titan Episode 82, fans may find themselves missing the beloved captain. And the No Regrets OAD is the perfect way to rectify that problem.

Levi Ackerman is absent for much of ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 gave Levi Ackerman a few moments to shine, but the first half of the final season left his fate hanging in the balance.

After another confrontation with the Beast Titan, Levi takes Zeke captive. Unfortunately, Eren’s half-brother proves more slippery than the captain expects. The final episode concludes with Zeke transforming, sending Levi flying from the blast.

And when Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 opens, Hange finds Levi torn up and missing several fingers. The pair manages to escape Floch and the Jaegerists, but they don’t partake in most of the action happening in the main storyline.

Until now, Levi has played a critical role in the series, and he’s become something of a fan-favorite character. Naturally, many are hoping to see him get a few more big moments before the anime comes to a close. But those feeling impatient can check out the No Regrets OAD.

The ‘No Regrets’ OAD makes a perfect watch for Levi Ackerman fans

Key art for 'Attack on Titan's 'No Regrets' OAD, featuring Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith.
Key art for ‘Attack on Titan’s ‘No Regrets’ OAD | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

Anyone missing Levi Ackerman should check out Attack on Titan‘s No Regrets OAD. The two-episode original story delves into the captain’s history, showing how he came to join the Scouts Regiment in the first place.

Believe it or not, Levi was once adamantly against the organization. In fact, he even had it out for Commander Erwin — the same man he would come to care for and trust. And No Regrets explores their history, as well as the chain of events that leads Levi to his present-day circumstances.

The OAD features plenty of action, something Levi hasn’t been involved in during recent episodes of the main series. No Regrets also offers a suspenseful and emotional story that will keep fans engaged — especially if they have a soft spot for Captain Levi and Commander Erwin.

Where to watch ‘Attack on Titan’s OAD episodes


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Anyone hoping to catch Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan‘s No Regrets OAD is in luck: the episodes are currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. They arrived on both platforms ahead of the newest outing, so subscribers can view them in between new installments. They’re currently available in the following regions: the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, LATAM, Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

Although No Regrets is the ideal choice for anyone missing Levi, there are several other OAD episodes on the platforms as well. Both Annie Leonhart and Mikasa Ackerman take the spotlight in Lost Girls, and Hange and the rest of the gang have some fun in the other installments.

If nothing else, the OADs will take fans back to a simpler time — if such a thing exists in the Attack on Titan universe. And most importantly, they’ll fill the Levi void we’ve all been feeling watching season 4 part 2.