‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Just Animated a Major Falco Moment

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is making its way through Hajime Isayama’s manga, and the anime adapted a major Falco (Natsuki Hanae/Bryson Baugus) moment in its latest episode. It may not be the biggest scene fans have to look forward to, but it does give them an idea of what Falco brings to the alliance.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 86, “Retrospective.”]

Falco inherits the Jaw Titan in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 sees Falco inheriting the Jaw Titan, an unexpected consequence of Zeke (Takehito Koyasu/Jason Liebrecht) spiking the military’s wine with his spinal fluid. But although Falco received the power of the Jaw Titan back in “Two Brothers,” he’s been too preoccupied to use it. That changes in Attack on Titan Episode 86.

When the fight between the Armored and Female Titans and the Yeagerists starts looking bleak, Falco attempts to help his friends. He finally makes use of the Titan he inherited from Galliard (Toshiki Masuda/Kellen Goff). And that means viewers got a glimpse of what Falco’s Jaw Titan looks like.

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 just animated his first transformation

Gabi and Falco in 'Attack on Titan' Season 4 Part 1. They're next to one another in the trenches. They're smiling at each other and Falco's head is bandaged.
Gabi and Falco in ‘Attack on Titan’ | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

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The Jaw Titan manifests differently depending on who’s using it, and fans got to see Falco’s iteration in the latest episode of Attack on Titan Season 4.

Although Falco’s Jaw Titan resembles Galliard’s in some ways, it also boasts its own unique qualities. Most notably, it takes on several bird-like features. Its face has a beak-like shape to it, and its claws look like birds’ feet. Additionally, its arms are more fur or feather than skin.

And Falco makes use of all that when fighting the Yeagerists, though he also turns on his own comrades. In a display similar to Eren’s (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook) early transformations, he loses control of his Titan.

Fortunately, Magath (Jiro Saito/Neil Kaplan) and Pieck (Manami Numakura/Amber Lee Connors) manage to remove Falco from its nape before he can do too much damage. However, he could prove a useful asset to the alliance if he learns to control his new form. Will that happen before Attack on Titan Season 4 concludes?

Will Falco learn to control the Jaw Titan?

It’s unclear if Falco will learn to control his Jaw Titan before Attack on Titan Season 4 is through, but it could prove useful in a fight against Eren. The anime’s main characters are hoping it doesn’t come to that. But it’s possible they’ll be forced to move against their friend if they can’t convince him to stop the Rumbling.

Of course, if it comes down to a battle, it’s hard to see the Titan Shifters coming out on top. After all, Eren has the power of thousands of Wall Titans behind him. Even with Falco, their numbers are no match. However, it seems likely Falco’s new powers will serve some purpose in the anime’s conclusion.

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