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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is proving that no character is safe, and the anime may have put Falco Grice back in danger just as he survived Zeke’s scream. In Attack on Titan Episode 81, “Thaw,” Connie makes a surprising decision when faced with the Warrior candidate. The big question is whether he’ll actually go through with it.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 81.]

Falco inherits the Jaw Titan in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4

Attack on Titan Episode 78, “Two Brothers,” saw Falco inheriting the Jaw Titan — the result of Zeke screaming while he was still in range and Galliard being unable to heal his wounds. That development came as a shock to the other characters, but it was quickly overshadowed by Eren starting the Rumbling. However, this week revealed what happened to Falco after eating Galliard.

As Gabi and Reiner look for Falco in Attack on Titan Episode 81, Reiner surmises that Jean and Connie probably took him. Both were nearby when he transformed, and the pair knows how valuable a Titan Shifter can be. Reiner’s hunch turns out to be correct.

And Eren’s friends aren’t quite sure what to do with Falco — though Jean tosses out the idea of feeding him to someone on their side. Connie then suggests they turn his mother into the Jaw Titan, a move that would restore her human body and mind. He becomes increasingly set on this plan despite having to sacrifice a kid to go through with it.

Connie makes a surprising decision in ‘Attack on Titan’s latest episode

Mikasa, Connie, Armin, and Jean walking up the stairs in 'Attack on Titan' Season 4 Part 2
Mikasa, Connie, Armin, and Jean in ‘Attack on Titan’ | Kodansha/Hajime Isayama

Although Jean and Connie are prepared to feed Falco to an Attack on Titan character they deem worth saving, Armin suggests this might create further conflict between Paradis Island and Marley. However, Connie can’t be swayed, not after he realizes he can bring his mother back.

When a Pure Titan attacks the group, Jean drops Falco — and Connie makes a surprising move. He grabs their captive and flies off with him, seemingly to set his plan into motion. Fortunately, Connie doesn’t actually go through with it during this week’s episode. But Attack on Titan fans have to wonder whether he’ll really make that sacrifice — and what it would mean for the war and his individual character.

Will Connie actually go through with his plan?


‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2 Just Brought Back an Important Character

Viewers will learn how Connie fares during the next few episodes of Attack on Titan. It’s difficult to imagine the anime would end Falco’s character arc in such a meaningless way, especially after having him inherit a Titan Shifter. It’s also questionable that Connie would make such a bleak sacrifice. However, his commitment to saving his mom — and his grief over Sasha — may push him forward.

If Connie does go through with his plan, fans can count on Armin’s prediction coming true. Gabi and Reiner won’t take well to losing someone so important to them. It could spark even more tensions between the characters, all while they should be focused on Eren. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

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