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Attack on Titan is approaching its final episodes, and the shonen anime promises to go out with a bang during the second half of season 4. Fans will see another battle between the Titan Shifters before the series is through. But how many Titan powers are there, and who holds them heading into Attack on Titan’s big conclusion?

Titan Shifter transformation in 'Attack on Titan' Season 4
Titan transformation in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 | Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

Founding Titan – Eren Jaeger

When Grisha Yeager injects Eren with Titan serum, he gives him both the Founding and Attack Titan powers. Eren has continued to hold both since the beginning of the series. And it looks like he’ll be putting them to use in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2.  

Of course, Eren can only use the Founding Titan when he’s in contact with someone with royal blood. Fans have witnessed this with Historia, as well as Grisha’s first wife, Dina Fritz. This connection is the foundation of Zeke and Eren’s euthanization plan. 

Of all the Titan Shifters, the Founding Titan is arguably the most powerful. According to, it can control Titans and turn Subjects of Ymir into them. When in contact with the royal bloodline, it also enables the holder to alter Subjects of Ymir both physically and mentally.

Attack Titan – Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan gets its name from the Attack Titan, which Eren inherits in the very first season.

An ideal match for Eren, the Attack Titan has consistently pushed for freedom regardless of who has inherited it. The Attack Titan can access the memories of its former holders, allowing Eren to see what his father and Eren Kruger had planned for Paradis Island. And their memories seem to be driving Eren throughout the final season.

Eren still holds the Attack Titan going into season 4, and he’s likely to keep it until the bitter end. The trailer for the new episodes shows him fighting Reiner with it and his other abilities.

Armored Titan – Reiner Braun

Reiner has controlled the Armored Titan since the very beginning of Attack on Titan, and he still claims it heading into Season 4B. In Titan form, he’s able to harden his body and remain agile, making him a formidable opponent. 

Of course, the Titan Shifters can only live about 13 years with their inherited powers, and Reiner is nearing that milestone when season 4 opens. There’s a lot of discussion about who will receive the Armored Titan when he’s finished with it. Gabi and Falco are both contenders. 

Whether one of them will actually get the chance to become Reiner’s successor remains to be seen. It will all depend on Reiner’s fate in the coming episodes.

Colossal Titan – Armin Arlert

Anyone holding the Colossus Titan is a powerful enemy to have, but Paradis Island hasn’t had to worry about that in Attack on Titan Season 4. After the Survey Corps captured Bertolt at the end of season 3, they used Titan serum on Armin and had him take its power instead.

Armin has already leveraged his newfound abilities against Marley at the beginning of Attack on Titan Season 4. The Colossus is dangerously large, and it can release a huge blast when it transforms. Additionally, its body steams so that no one can approach it. Once the Colossus transforms, it’s incredibly difficult to defeat it.

That makes Armin a powerful asset in the final episodes, though who he’ll be fighting is up in the air. He’s always had Eren’s back, but the trailer suggests that might change.

Beast Titan – Zeke Yeager

Viewers have only known one Beast Titan, and Eren’s brother continues to hold the Titan Shifter heading into Attack on Titan’s final episodes. Zeke’s power enables him to turn into an animal. In his case, he takes the shape of something resembling an ape.

And Zeke uses his speed and strength to his advantage, throwing off the Survey Corps on multiple occasions. Because of his royal blood, he’s also able to command Pure Titans. With his Titan Shifter’s abilities, the Beast Titan is likely to play a prominent role in Attack on Titan‘s final battle. Whether he’ll survive it is another story.

Cart Titan – Pieck Finger

Pieck’s Cart Titan has gotten a bit more attention during Attack on Titan Season 4, and she’s likely to find herself in the middle of the looming battle. Her Titan ability makes her quadrupedal, enhancing her speed and allowing her to equip battle armor and guns to her Titan form.

For as long as Attack on Titan has been airing, Pieck is the only character to hold the Cart Titan. And although she’s only recently

Female Titan – Annie Leonhart

Attack on Titan fans haven’t seen Annie Leonhart in action since the end of the first season. That’s because she was put on ice after being outed as the Female Titan. As a Titan Shifter, Annie was able to harden, move with impressive speed, and even call Pure Titans to her. But despite her powerful abilities, Paradis Island never took the Female Titan from her.

She still holds its power heading into season 4. And if Attack on Titan’s latest trailer is anything to judge by, fans will probably see her use it again.

Jaw Titan – Porco Galliard

Ymir holds the Jaw Titan when it’s first introduced, and she maintains her powers through Attack on Titan Season 3. Unfortunately, she agrees to accompany Reiner and Bertolt to Marley in order to protect Historia. There, her Titan Shifter is taken from her and given to Porco Galliard.

Porco’s appearance as the Jaw Titan is slightly different from Ymir’s. However, he still has teeth and claws that can cut through almost anything. Like Pieck, Porco hasn’t gotten many chances to shine. That could change as Attack on Titan‘s finale approaches.

War Hammer Titan – Eren Jaeger

The War Hammer Titan didn’t make its first appearance until Attack on Titan Season 4, as it was quietly kept within the family of Willy Tybur. During the raid on Marley, Eren successfully takes the War Hammer Titan, granting him its ability to manipulate its own flesh and protect its inheritor

Fans haven’t seen Eren take advantage of the War Hammer Titan just yet, but the coming battle could change that. With three Titan Shifters in his reservoir, Eren may just be unstoppable.

Will the Titan Shifters change hands in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2?


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Speaking of how many Titan Shifters Eren currently holds, could he gain more powers during Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2? Fans have seen these abilities change hands before, and they could do so again. With all nine Titans fighting one another, it even seems probable.

Viewers will have to tune in when the anime returns to see how things play out for the Titan Shifters. Attack on Titan Season 4B premieres on Jan. 9, 2022. Watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll at 12:45 p.m. PT.