Aubrey Plaza Said People Have This Big Misconception About Her That Isn’t True

Aubrey Plaza is often associated with her apathetic character April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation — so much so that people think she’s just like April in real life. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Plaza cleared up the biggest misconception about her.

Aubrey Plaza attends the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Aubrey Plaza | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

People often confuse Aubrey Plaza with her character

Seeing an actor play a beloved TV character for so long often blurs the lines between fiction and reality for some people. Plaza definitely has had to suffer the comparisons to April when she really isn’t very much like the Parks and Recreation character.

In 2017, Plaza told Business Insider, “I don’t want any role to ever define me. Being on a television show for seven years was the greatest gift that was ever given to me and I wouldn’t change it for second. But I think moving forward, it’s very important to me for people to not associate me so heavily with the characters that I play.”

“The character I played on Parks and Rec was such an icon for millennials,” Plaza continued. “There was something about April Ludgate that people really responded to, which I really love and I’m happy about.”

She added, “But I think in regards to getting more work and being seen in different ways, it’s always a challenge to remind people that I can play many different characters and not just one kind. I see that as a fun challenge.”

Plaza explained the biggest misconception about her

In the time since Parks and Rec ended, Plaza has taken on a number of different roles that are far different from April. She explained to Business Insider how playing Lenny on FX’s Legion was a big departure from the sitcom character.

“If anything, it’s that much more satisfying when people see me in a film or see me do a different character or in real life and say, ‘Oh, she’s not April Ludgate at all,” she said at the time. “She can be totally different than that.’ There’s good and bad with everything.”

During a 2020 interview with BuzzFeed, when Plaza was asked, “What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?,” her answer seemed in line with people tying her too closely to her TV character’s personality.

“People think I don’t care about anything but the truth is I care too much,” she explained.


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Aubrey Plaza and her ‘Parks and Recs’ co-stars continue to stay in touch

Plaza continues to have a strong friendship with her Parks and Rec co-stars — so much so, that a group of the ladies from the show has continued to stay in touch during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to support one another.

During her Buzzfeed chat, she was asked, “Which of your Parks and Rec costars do you talk to the most these days?”

“Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Kathryn Hahn,” Plaza responded. “I mean, honestly, I talk to a lot of them — we all talk to each other all the time — but I would say Amy, Rashida, and Kathryn and I have been on this quarantine ladies text chain where we’ve been commiserating and helping each other through these strange times.”

She added, “It’s been really nice to have them.”