Audrina Patridge Reveals The Biggest Mistake She’s Made On ‘The Hills’

It’s been nine years since Audrina Patridge starred on the hit MTV series, The Hills, and she is still a little mortified at the things she once did on the show.

Though Patridge has mature quite a bit since her time on the show, the reality star recently revealed that there have been a few mistakes she’s made on-camera.

Audrina Patridge | Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Some people wouldn’t be too keen on revealing a few of their past mistakes but in Audrina Patridge’s eyes, they just give her a reason to laugh at herself today.

Patridge’s past mistake is something she still can’t believe she did

Many of us still find it hard to believe that 13 years ago, MTV introduced us to a group of young aspiring professionals who were just beginning to take on the world.

Audrina Patridge was right out of high school when she was cast in the series and since then, we have gotten to see her and the rest of the cast grow into the people they are today.

Though everyone in the cast are completely different people from their younger selves, it was inevitable that a few mistake would be made along the way.

While interviewing with Kristine Leahy on the YouTube channel Fair Game, Audrina Patridge opened up about a few mistakes she made during her early days on The Hills.

Patridge knows that at that time, she was young and bound to make mistakes but still can’t believe some of the things she once did.

“I feel like everything was a mistake,” Patridge said while laughing. ” I mean, you’re right out of high school, you get on this show, and you have cameras on you all the time. You’re dating and have friendships and you’re learning about yourself.”

She then went on to explain that a few of her past Hills scenes were ones that she is still embarrassed by to this day.

“You don’t realize when you’re filming that you sometimes forget that your family is going to be watching the show,” Patridge shared. “I remember there was one scene me and Justin were in the pool and to get him in, I took my top off and I threw it at him and I was like, ‘Now you have to come in.’ After I saw that that was going to air I was like, ‘Oh my god, can you please not show that,’ then reality hit and you’re like my grandparents are going to see this.”

The cast has grown up a lot since their days on The Hills

Now that it has been nine years since The Hills came to a conclusion, everyone in the cast has changed for the better over the years.

With many of them having become parents and furthering their own careers, the cast has learned a lot since their early reality television days.

Though it was a little embarrassing for Audrina Patridge to bring up one of her past mistakes, the reality star wasn’t too mortified revealing it on camera.

Since she has matured over the years, Patridge knows that she is no longer the same person she was before.

Now that she is a mom and furthering her career as a television personality, her past mistakes can no longer define her as a person.