August Alsina Previously Alluded to Rumored Relationship and Breakup with Jada Pinkett Smith

August Alsina shocked the world on June 30 when he claimed a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. But he had seemingly been dropping hints about their rumored fling much earlier. In one particular interview, the “NOLA” singer even made comments about an unnamed lover that seem to align with his latest statement on Pinkett Smith. Let’s discuss.

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith together
August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith together at an award show in June 2017 | Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America

What did August Alsina say about Jada Pinkett Smith?

If you missed his latest remarks, August Alsina, 27, had been in an interview with Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club when Yee asked him to expound on his relationship with Pinkett Smith, 48.

The two became friends after meeting in 2015, but their closeness prompted nonstop speculation that they were secretly having an affair. The speculation was bolstered by decades-long rumors that Pinkett Smith has an open marriage with actor Will Smith, whom she married in 1997.

Both of them would go on to say that they were just friends, but August Alsina doubled back on that to Yee, explaining that they had a romantic relationship with Will’s permission.

“I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life and I truly and really, really, deeply loved and have a ton of love for her,” he continued. “I devoted myself to it. I gave my full self to it — so much so to the point that I can die right now and be OK with knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody and I really loved a person. I experienced that.”

He also noted that he was only speaking out to clear his name after facing criticism and losing business opportunities as a result of the rumors surrounding their relationship.

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August Alsina seemed to drop hints about their alleged fling days earlier

He appeared to talk about their relationship in his new documentary stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina — a five-part program that began playing on YouTube on June 21.

When asked about his dating history in episode 4, which came out on June 24, August Alsina suggested he had only been in one serious relationship since gaining fame in 2013. He did not say names but admitted they were really close and saw each other almost daily.

“I mean, practically living together,” he explained. “And everything that I could imagine came to me unexpectedly in the form of a human. I willingly gave myself to that situation in my full self.”

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But after his sister Chandra died of cancer in December 2018, he had a sort of wakeup call, said Alsina.

“One day after my sister died, I decided to step away from the relationship because of all of its complexities but deeper than it being complex, it was really about the relationship not making space for my most true and honest and authentic self,” he continued.

Elaborating on how his sister’s death changed his perspective, August Alsina continued, “I decided to step away from it after seeing my sister just so suddenly die because life is so short. It really is, and we are really running out of time. And no one has time to be anything other than who you truly are — no matter what comes with it, no matter what a consequence may be, no matter what people may think of me. Whatever it may be, I have to honor myself.”

“There is not enough time here on this earth for us to fake anything. I finally decided to do something that I had never done for myself in the past and really that was to honor my authenticity and not rob myself of who I am.”

The remarks came after reports that their alleged split was influenced by August Alsina’s desire to go public with Pinkett Smith.

What has Jada Pinkett Smith said in response to August Alsina’s claims?

A representative for the Set It Off actor told Page Six that August Alsina’s claims are not true. Later, Pinkett Smith suggested on Twitter that she will talk more about their relationship in an upcoming episode of her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk.