Austin Dillon’s Wife Whitney on the Monday Morning Exhale – and Hopes for Husband’s NASCAR Future [Exclusive]

Austin Dillon, NASCAR champion and star of reality TV show Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane, leaves his wife Whitney Dillon breathless on Sunday race day – and endlessly exhaling with relief on Monday morning.

Whitney, who stars alongside her husband on the USA reality show said sending her husband off to work is often a rollercoaster, filled with both excitement and anxiety. She recently reflected on the fun the family experienced filming the series, but also the emotions she endures during races. Whitney also shared where she hopes to find her family in the coming years – which doesn’t include seeing Austin on the track.

Austin Dillon’s wife Whitney feels like she ‘hit a brick wall’ on Monday

Being married to a NASCAR champion puts Whitney in a unique position. “Anything can happen,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the dangers of NASCAR. “And you see guys wreck and even the slightest wreck can be bad. Like right now, Kurt Busch has been out for five or six weeks now. And so it is very scary and the emotions are so high on Sundays.” Busch’s July accident left him sidelined and missing races due to a brain injury.

Whitney Dillon and husband Austin Dillon pose for a photo during a NASCAR red carpet event
Whitney Dillon and Austin Dillon |Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Serious injury is never far from Whitney’s mind when it comes to race day. “When Monday comes around when I wake up in the mornings on Mondays I feel like I’ve just hit a brick wall,” she shared. “That’s when I really notice it. Because it is stressful. It’s very high or it’s very low and then there’s stress all in the middle of it. But I think that’s why our group, we’re so centered and focused on God and our faith. Because it’s really the only thing that can just chill us out and we just know, hey, it’s bigger than us. It’s like, all of this is bigger than us. And we just got to look to our Heavenly Father and just trust him.”

Could Austin Dillon be leaving NASCAR?

Whitney hopes that Austin may start to move toward another path in his career. “Well, you know, it’s funny because right now Austin has his hands in a lot of different things. So his grandfather [Richard Childress] just bought into PBR [Professional Bull Riding]. And so he is doing the managing of PBR right now for this year.”

“And his grandfather said, ‘I’m going to watch how you manage this to see how you could potentially manage RCR [Richard Childress Racing].’ So I think that in the next couple of years our futures are going to change drastically with all the things that are going on. I feel like Austin will probably move into some sort of managing position at RCR. I mean, that’s just me talking. I don’t know. He might say, ‘Hey, I still want to drive.’ But I think that a lot will be changing here in the next couple of years.”

Austin seemed to be leaning in that direction during an interview with Fox 8. “It’s been a blast, you know. Hanging around these cowboys, getting to know each one of them,” he said. “I’m having fun and tapping into their mentality,” he said of the riders he’s working with on the team. “These guys are on a whole other level. When you get on a bull that has all that strength and power and your job is to ride it for eight seconds, these guys are crazy. But I love their mentality.”

Austin Dillon’s wife Whitney would love to film another season of the USA reality series

Whitney also hopes more time in front of the camera is in the couple’s future too. She loved the fun, easy-going crew and the show’s direction. “It was so chill and that there was no drama,” she said about the first season of the show. “There’s not one thing of drama other than at the racetrack. That’s the biggest drama that you get from the show. Otherwise, we just got to be ourselves. We would just go and eat dinner and have these adventures and we just got to be ourselves. So it was really special.”

She would love to do another season of Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane. “We would absolutely love to do another season,” Whitney said. “The crew made it so easy. So if it all lines up again like that, we would all be game to do it.”

Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane airs every Thursday night at 9:30 ET on USA Network.

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